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Mishka Shubaly is the author of six best-selling Kindle Singles on Amazon.com. His hardcover memoir "I Swear I'll Make It Up to You" is out now.
Borders are bogus, nationalism is more vacuous than racism, and this juvenile ‘my state is better than your state’ bullshit is, well, just that, juvenile bullshit. Which is to say that if the 13 original colonies were reclaimed by Johnson’s sovereign England and towed back across the Atlantic and everything north of Toledo and south or west of Cincinnati burst into flames and then sunk into the ocean, the Union would be preserved, more...
At age 26, you run out of markers. Your adolescence is just first after first after first: first wet dream, first period, first guilty masturbation, first fight, first drunk, first boob touch, first weird homoerotic dream, first crotch warmth detected through jeans, first high, first shoplifting, first lay, first heartbreak, first blackout. So, too, with rock 'n roll--emblematic, iconic first after first: Look What the Cat Dragged in, Appetite for Destruction, London Calling, And...