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Eunsong Kim is a doctoral candidate at the University of California, San Diego. Her poetry has or will been published in: West Branch, Denver Quarterly, Seattle Review, Feral Feminisms, Minnesota Review, Interim, and Iowa Review. She was the recipient of a 2015 Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant, and her first book of poems will be published by Noemi press in 2017.
the first time i heard the phrase “호적에서 판다” was a pre IMF soap opera. i’ve heard it since, in family arguments during fights in restaurants “I will remove you from the lineage” is how it might translate or perhaps from the lineage you will be expunged often the accused will respond, sure go ahead displaying their ambivalence to the lineage, their ability to remain calm during hurricanes, ultimatums recognition for the accuser to remove the accused. a fancy a drawing: a possibility to refashion your lineage in a...