Want a stylish, smart monthly celebrating the charm, authenticity and opportunity that makes Brooklyn the darling of Hollywood-weary celebrities, avant-garde chefs, and independent-minded New Yorkers? You’ve come to the right place.

Meet Our Staff

Founders: Scott Stedman and Daniel Stedman


Executive Editor: Natalie Rinn
Associate Editor: Lauren Beck
Film Editor: Mark Asch
Books Editor: Molly McArdle
Art Editor: Paul D’Agostino
Food Editor: Sarah Zorn
Editorial Assistant: Evan Romano
Editorial Fellow: Ashley Laderer


Art Director: Laura Resheske
Photo Director: Jane Bruce
Senior Designer: Sarah Lutkenhaus
Production Designer: Katie Narduzzo

Events & Production

Manager of Event Production: Jennifer Mills
Taste Talks Festival & Awards Director: Will Levitt
Director of Programming: Brian Quinn
Director of Special Project: Alison Bryce
Director of Digital Marketing: Juliann DiNicola
Director of Music Programming: Lauren Beck
Marketing Manager: Alexander Pipes
Production Associate: Brooke Jones
Project Managers: Pete Sununu, Casey Holliday
Social Coordinator: Nicole Napolitano


VP, Integrated Sales & Marketing: Jesse Smith
Senior Account Executive: Danielle DiPaolo
Account Executives: Katie Christoff, Martine Parris
Sales Coordinators: Emily Crawford, Laura D’Angelo
Project Managers: Phil Guignon

Publisher: Daniel Stedman
Operations Manager: Lisa Brown
Assistant to the Publisher: Lily DePaula

For subscription status inquiries or change of address please contact subscriptions@themagstore.com or call 877-503-7871.