Jameson takes us behind the scenes to present 12 of Brooklyn’s finest bartenders – the heroes who make it all happen. Learn about the hidden talents and signature drinks, tips beyond tipping, and even hear some of their best bar stories. This week’s bartender: Tadhy Ferry.

What tip would you give a new bartender that you wish you had known?
Try to use the bathroom before the rush gets there.

What’s the first song on your bar’s playlist?
“[She Keeps on] Passin’ Me By” by The Pharcyde.

What’s your signature Jameson cocktail?
We make a spin on a whiskey sour using Jameson, which bestows upon it an extra friendly and drinkable character.

What’s your second passion outside of bartending?
I draw cartoons for fun and sometimes for the New Yorker.

Describe your bar in one word?

Have you ever been starstruck by a customer?
Lindsey Buckingham. Swoon.

What would surprise people about being a bartender?
Wine caps will slice your fingers up.

What’s the strangest drink request you’ve ever received?
Bloody Mary with a Cheeto garnish. Actually, that sounds great now that I repeat it.

What has bartending taught you about life outside the bar?
There’s lots of value to be found in chatting up strangers.

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