It’s no secret that dating in Brooklyn is notoriously difficult. After going out countless nights looking for “the one”, it’s easy to lose hope when they’re nowhere to be found. Dating apps aren’t always the solution they claim to be. It’s easy to want to give up, but now there’s no need. That’s where Happn comes in.

You hate Tinder and are tired of swiping left? Us too—and we found the perfect dating app for you. So, what makes Happn different?

  1. You’re Bound to Have Something in Common With Your Matches – Happn only presents people that you’ve come across in real life. Each time you and a Happn user cross paths, they’ll be added to your cue, with the time and location you were in the same place! If you’re too shy to approach someone out of the blue, Happn can help to give you that second chance.  
  2. No Swiping- Happn presents multiple profiles at once, allowing you to hone in on the ones that interest you, rather than having to sort through them one by one. 
  3. You Can Revisit Profiles – Not quite ready to commit? Take your time! With Happn, you can revisit a profile anytime you’d like.
  4. It’s Hard to Mistakenly Reject Someone – We’ve all been there: caught in a frenzy of swiping left, that we go right past someone actually eye-catching. With Happn, you’ll never be left to wonder what could have been. To get rid of a profile, Happn requires you to click a little cross in the corner, assuring you never accidentally rule out a potential love interest again.

Happn is the dating app you’ll actually want to use. It’s the easiest way to meet singles local to you, and the best way to make a second first impression.