Don Lemon NFL Kneeling

Those following along with the news this weekend should have had their focus on the hurricane-induced devastation in Puerto Rico, as well as our ongoing crisis with North Korea, which seems like it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Instead, President Troll was fully successful in diverting everyone’s attention away from his true shortcomings, instead focusing the nation’s attention on Sunday and Monday’s NFL games. He complained about players like Colin Kaepernick (referring to him and others who kneel as “a son-of-a-bitch”) who kneeled during the National Anthem to protest the country’s ongoing racial injustices, declaring that players who voice their opinions and don’t stand for the National Anthem should be fired.

Of course, this is insane. This is a failure of basic thought; he and those who don’t understand the issue—and Kaepernick’s protest—only see the world in black and white. People need to understand the nuance of using the platform of an NFL football field to bring attention to more important issues happening all around the country. Don Lemon put it perfectly on CNN last night, explaining in a three-minute monologue that the protest isn’t about disrespecting the flag, just like Rosa Parks’ protest wasn’t about disrespecting the bus. Check out his monologue in the embedded tweet below: