Donald Trump Jr. just did something colossally stupid. It’s actually unfathomable to think that he actually did what he just did, which, to be quite fair is saying a lot. It is quite difficult to make any sense of why this happened, and many in the know are also confused.

In an attempt to pre-empt a New York Times piece detailing direct contact and solicitation between the Trump campaign last year and the Russian government—believed to be working specifically to help the Trump team and hurt Clinton—Donald Trump Jr. just literally Tweeted out his entire e-mail correspondance setting up a meeting with himself, Jared Kushner, then-campaign chair Paul Manafort, and a Russian Government member who was planning on passing along “incriminating” information on Hillary Clinton.

Check out Don Jr’s Tweets below for yourself:

It seems to confirm what everyone was suspecting—and then some. One reporter who was pursuing the story reacted with great surprise following Trump Jr’s Tweets:

It is… very confusing. Surely more will come—Donald Jr. is apparently appearing on Hannity tonight on Fox News, so maybe that will be something (but considering the show and the host, probably not).


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