Have you been outside lately? Well, yesterday was the 4th of July, so the answer is obviously yes—but nonetheless, the weather is absolutely freaking beautiful. It’s hot, but manageable, and there is nothing better than spending some time out in the fresh air right now. Which comes, really, at a perfect time, since tonight marks the kickoff of 2017’s SummerScreen series—starting with Tina Fey’s resounding 2004 classic Mean Girls. 

Personally, I’d probably even watch C-Span or something if it were showing outside on a big screen in McCarren Park in this weather, but Mean Girls is a teen comedy classic—a movie enough set in modern times that it still strikes a chord, and old enough to even bring on a little bit of nostalgia. And tonight, it’ll be screening free of charge, so come prepared with all of your favorite quotes, and be ready to shout them aloud with everyone else who comes out.

As with every SummerScreen event, the movie will start when the sun sets, with a Tidal-curated live music act kicking the night off. Tonight’s act is Yucky Duster, who will be joined also by a series of stand-up comedians curated by Showtime in relation with their new series I’m Dying Up Here. The pre-film festivities will close down with an appearance from a very special guest—Rajiv Surendra, who played Kevin G (the g is silent tho), will introduce the film.

So, even if you’re still a little bit hungover from the long weekend, there’s really no reason not to make your way over to McCarren for some food and drinks from local vendors, a little live music, a little stand-up comedy, a little Kevin G, and a whole lot of Mean Girls. It’ll be worth it—and it’ll be so, so fetch.  



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