Wedding Photography With A (Feminist) Twist

Bridezilla culture? No thanks. Cookie-cutter images? Nope. Outdated traditions? Next! In a society that claims “women have dreamed of their weddings since they were little girls,” it’s hard to keep a level head if you’re an intelligent, progressive person planning their wedding. Let’s be honest, the wedding industry plays on some pretty terrible stereotypes and tropes of women and men. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Weddings (and marriage) can be feminist, and feminists can certainly have weddings!

Troubled by these wedding trends, photographer and social activist Erica Reade knew it was time to combine her activism with her passion for photography for a new brand of wedding photography. Her photography is for people who celebrate love, equality, and social justice. For couples who embrace stepping outside the box. If you’re not crazy about the cookie-cutter images being sold by the wedding industry, that’s ok, because neither is she.  Love comes in all shades, shapes, sizes and background, and so should the images we see.

Her photography is less about our obsession with ‘the bride’ and more about capturing the love between two people, and their friends and families.   Weddings don’t have to be hugely expensive, stressful, gender-stereotyped events. Instead they should center on joy, laughter, diversity, and celebrating your commitment to each other. In Erica’s mind, wedding photos should reflect the happiness you have together as a couple, not following a recipe laid out to you by anyone else.

Also, you can get married and give back. Erica is passionate about social justice and reproductive rights, and she donates a small portion of each wedding to one of the following organizations: Planned Parenthood, the ACLU or Black Lives Matter. In order to enjoy a long, loving married life, a couple should enjoy complete access to health care, marriage equality, and freedom from violence, among other basic human rights and freedoms. If doing your wedding day your way and giving back at the same time doesn’t embody love, we don’t know what does.

Erica Reade is a feminist wedding photography, and she donates a portion of all engagement and wedding shoots to social justice organizations. Whether you want to head to City Hall, elope, or throw a huge wedding party, Erica is here to capture your special day. Want to learn more? Check out:, follow @coupleswhocommit and/or email Erica at:


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