We can all collectively rejoice and take a deep breath, because one of the best weekends of the year, objectively, has finally arrived in its 2017 form. It’s a weekend sure to be filled with hard chilling, whether that be at parties, with friends, outside, inside, or all of the above. It marks the start of summer, and also one of a few days a year to fully commit to celebrating this country that we call home and all of the veterans who fought for it. But, the question remains: what is the best part of Memorial Day Weekend?  There is so much that goes into why, exactly, it rules.

Is it the fact that booze and barbecuing are involved and make everything better? Yeah, that probably plays a big part. But also what you drink, and what you eat play a key role. Burgers? Dogs? Chicken? Sausage? Are you pounding beers away throughout that newly-welcomed summer sun? Or are you having frozen cocktails? Maybe you’re sipping on some wine that you got for $5.99 from Duane Reade. Whatever floats your boat. But what you choose for the weekend is key in your enjoyment. Pick your favorite thing! Personally? I think you’ve got to go with something that you can stay consistent with throughout not only a day, but maybe the whole weekend. If you find the mystical $8.50 PBR 12-pack, that’s a must. Otherwise, just stay safe and hydrated.

Another key—your Memorial Day Outing, at whatever venue it may be, is the first real chance to check out the potency of your SONGS OF THE SUMMER™ selections. This year we’ve got a whole lot of contenders. Does “Slide” by Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, and Migos have the staying power? Is it “I’m The One” by DJ Khaled and an all-star team of hitmaking mercenaries? What about “Mask Off”? How about a dark horse like Playboi Carti’s “Magnolia?” SO MANY CHOICES THIS YEAR. What will win out? You’ll have to give a strong pitch for your choice.

Also key? The parties or events themselves. It should go without saying, but where you choose to spend your precious Memorial Day Weekend time is an absolutely vital choice to how memorable your weekend will be. You don’t want to be in the basement of a super-niche karaoke bar in midtown on one of these three nights. There are nights for that, for sure—obviously, you need to experience the weird shit so you know that it is, in fact, weird—but these are the days and nights for the blue chip settings.

And then, of course, the weather is VITAL. As I write this, I’m looking out the office window at the sky. What only an hour or so ago was bright, sunny, and hopeful is now more of a VIEWS by Drake foreboding appearance. I’m sure it will pass—i’m sure, don’t question it, it won’t rain this weekend, no sir, no doubt—but rain would be very not good. Like, I’m sure there would still be fun to be found, it’s New York City after all, but the whole fun is the weather part of it. Mother Nature is our friend though, and fickle as she may be, she knows not to mess with our beloved Memorial Day Weekend.

Whether your MDW is most held together by booze, events, or the weather itself, it’s no question that all three are vital to the greater recipe of a grand holiday weekend. But we believe in you—all of you. You’re all going to wear Red, White and Blue at a great backyard BBQ, pounding beers in the summer sun. We believe in you.


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