Considering that the struggle to make ends meet via a single restaurant is a recurring industry theme nowadays, A&E Supply Company has proved wise to hedge their bets by debuting a quadrant of concepts within the past year. Cannier still is that they share just one lease, occupying various sectors of a 1,600-square foot space.


Becoming truly all things to Gowanus, the compound relieves neighbors of the need to trek to Park Slope for provisions, or unburden their bank accounts at the local Whole Foods. A coffee kiosk near the entrance is a boon to commuters and freelancers, dispensing Brooklyn Roasting Company beverages and Dough pastries, and providing window seating and WiFi. _DSC3997Later in the day, an ample bar administers to the after-work set, doling out local libations like NY maple syrup-sweetened cocktails, Doc’s hard cider, and Evil Twin beers.

_DSC3879It doesn’t end there: cheese and butcher counters are ideal for last-minute grocery runs; stocked with everything from blocks of Beecher’s flagship, wedges of raclette and wheels of triple crème, to lamb bacon, ribeyes, chicken stock and even dog treats.

_DSC3931And while not originally part of the business plan, A&E readily responded to demand for lunch by providing Italian wedding soup, fingerling and winesap salad, and hot fried chicken sandwiches deposited on toasted hunks of Runner & Stone’s snowy pain au lait bread.

_DSC4022As of this week, they’ve officially realized their multi-pronged vision with dinner service as well, slinging so-dubbed “farm to party” selections like fluke crudo with bloomed basil seeds, carrots coupled with quinoa granola, and tatsoi salad crowning grassfed brisket—though if you’d just as soon garnish it yourself, you can certainly order your ruby steaks raw, wrapped, and ready to take home.

A&E Supply Co.

548 4th Ave, (718) 635-3388, Gowanus

Photos by Valery Rizzo


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