In Praise Of: The White Negroni at Saraghina

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 4.54.40 PM
435 Halsey Street, Bed-Stuy

Is drinking a White Negroni to combat climate change and christen a snowless, drudging winter in Brooklyn (until this morning! But fear not, it will be in the 40s again this weekend) just as pointless, logically, as appointing Scott Pruitt, who was suing the EPA, to head the EPA?

Let’s consider the facts.

Saraghina’s Manager Evrotas Volman describes the drink as “a very refreshing spring and summer cocktail,” which annoys me because I prefer drinking them in the winter, but then I realize it’s perfect: White Negronis fight climate change by complementing every single season. However, you cannot regularly rely on them to make it snow in New York, and even if you drink like a thirsty, dirty little fish, sea levels will continue to rise.

Scott Pruitt doesn’t believe in seasonality or the environment at all, and, unlike the ice in your drink, has no chill. He has a much better record of suing things (he’s very good at that) than protecting the environment. On the other hand, thanks to Monopolowa Vienna Gin, which is velvety because it’s made of potatoes, and French Salers gentiane, which is earthy and full, Saraghina’s drink is transparent and well-rounded. It likes to have a good talk before suing anybody.

Most important of all, drinking is fun and this cocktail is delicious—Scott Pruitt is neither and never will be. So, after a careful consideration of the facts, celebrating winter and combatting climate change with Saraghina’s White Negroni is not as pointless as Scott Pruitt’s entire existence. See y’all at the bar.


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