In recent years, quite a few things have been very polarizing: the political climate, La Croix, that damn black and blue dress. But perhaps nothing has been more reviled-yet-somehow-stuck-around than the man bun. But, finally, there’s incentive for people to take action to get rid of them.

Boobie Trap, a bar located on Bleecker Street in Bushwick, is offering “one free booze bottle” to anyone who will cut their man bun off inside the bar. “We’d film the amputation and pin the bun up on the wall,” Boobie Trap co-owner Kristen North said to Brokelyn. No one has taken the offer—which was posted just after Christmas—yet.

And with last night’s presentation on NBC of the 74th Golden Globe awards, perhaps the most prominent potential costumer, Casey Affleck, showed up with a man bun and overgrown beard of epic proportions. He took home one of the night’s biggest prizes, Best Actor in a Drama, for his role in Manchester By The Sea. But it was his hair that really took center stage:

screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-12-42-46-pmYes, yes, of course it’s for Casey’s next movie role; but for everyone else still rolling with the man bun… just a thought. You know, an option. Plus you’d get to drink in a place strewn about with fake boobs.

As for Casey? I’m sure Boobie Trap’s offer will still be out there after shooting his next film… I mean, I sure hope it is.


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