The holidays are a long, dark time of desperate, no-holds-barred fights for dominance. Your parents, your siblings, your aunts and uncles, all dredging up decades-old grudges and laying them out on the table, much like that plastic centerpiece from 1985 that Mom is still using. And, once you’re through with your family, it’s time to move on to your friends at New Year’s! For what is New Year’s Eve, but a time to compete with your friends and colleagues to have the best, the most stylish, the most-now evening of all?

To help you on your own quest, dear reader, please find below two different punch recipes that are relatively simple (one more than the other), delicious, extremely alcoholic, and highly photogenic (depending on your punch bowl). One was created by Julie Reiner of Brooklyn cocktail institution Clover Club, the other by bartender and author Jim Meehan, courtesy of the fine people at Banks Rum. They’re sure to impress anyone actually near you in meatspace, as well as anyone bored at their own party and scrolling through their phone. Everyone will rue the day they underestimated you, as your on-trend (but classic!!) punches become the hit of whatever party, fete, or soiree you happen to be attending. While they’re not in the official ingredients list below, the bitter tears of your enemies make a fine addition to both.

Created by Julie Reiner of Clover Club 


ï         1 Liter Golden Rum

ï         750ml Chilled Jasmine Tea

ï         500ml Coconut Water

ï         250ml Lime Juice

ï         Grapefruit Oleo Saccharum

ï         Garnish: Grapefruit and Lime Wedges

Method: To make the oleo saccharum, slice 4 peels of grapefruit into a 1-pint mason jar, add ¾ cup sugar.  Seal, shake and leave overnight (or for 4-5 hours in the sun). This is your “oleo-saccharum.” Combine all other punch ingredients and stir in the oleo-saccharum until it dissolves. Chill before service. When ready to serve, add to a punchbowl filled with one large block of ice, half grapefruit and lime wheels. Serve in punch cups filled with ice, and garnish with half grapefruit and lime wheels from the bowl.


Created by Jim Meehan


ï         1 Liter White Rum

ï         375ml Sencha Tea

ï         375ml Mint Tea

ï         300ml Lime Juice

ï         250g Demerara Sugar

ï         Garnish: Grated Nutmeg

Method: Brew the tea, then stir in the sugar until it dissolves. Add 4 cups of ice to chill and dilute the mixture, then add lime juice and rum. Chill before serve. When ready to serve, add to a punchbowl filled with one large block of ice.  Serve in punch cups filled with ice, and garnish with grated nutmeg.


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