Building Art Through Collaboration [Sponsored Video]


Taste Talks in partnership with Mount Gay hosted three events across the country featuring creative makers and craftsmen working together to create an original piece of art.

Furniture and collages typically don’t have much in common, but this is an uncommon partnership. Luis Martin, art engineer and collage artist, and Asher Israelow, architect and furniture designer, were asked to collaborate on building an original piece – uncertain how their skill sets and differences in approach and technique would play out.

“The fact that Mount Gay was able to bring two people that have totally different visions to collaborate is amazing,” said Martin. “Taking my idiosyncrasies with collages, taking his talent with woodworking, we can meet somewhere in the middle and really explore the possibility of our time and place in Brooklyn 2016.”

At first glance, Martin’s nonlinear and free-form collages stand in contrast with Israelow’s smooth and angle-heavy furniture designs. That contrast, however, allowed them to build something completely unique.

“We’re elevating craft and the found materials to an art piece overlaying these multiple maps,” said Israelow. “The ability to create and then throw a party for that object not only promotes the collaborative process and the production of the piece, but the process of art and making things, the cultural relevance of that.”

Like paddleboard makers Jarvis Boards in Austin and muralists Color Dreamers in Miami, Martin and Israelow combine their independent spirits to develop collaborative pieces that speak louder than their individual strengths. We are proud to highlight their work in partnership with Mount Gay Rum.


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