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SW Basics is a Brooklyn-based, 100% natural skincare line, and also a registered BCorps. All of their products are formulated with five organic, fair trade, or family farm ingredients or less.

We spoke to Adina Grigore, the Founder of SW Basics, who lives in Greenpoint, about the work that they do.


How did you get started with this idea?
I was working as a holistic nutritionist and formulating my own natural skincare products to give to my clients as part of their overall wellness program. They liked them so much that I began making them and selling them at small markets here in Brooklyn. Eventually, it snowballed into a full-time business and here we are today!

What is the purpose of this organization?
To bring 100% natural and gentle skincare products to everyone and anyone.

What are you proudest of?
Though it sounds simple, formulating a skincare line with five natural ingredients or less is incredibly difficult. Most companies use fillers, synthetic additives, and preservatives to make a cheaper, more shelf-ready product. We’ve really had to stick to our principles to avoid doing so and that requires pushing back on everyone from retailers to chemists. We’re so happy with the integrity of our products and the fact that we’ve been able to scale and sell in places like Target while staying true to our values.


How do you think you are different than your competitors?
There are a lot of natural brands out there, but not many that formulate using such a minimalist philosophy. This makes our products gentler than most of our competitors, and more potent, too.

What do your customers/community say about your organization that makes you happy?
We constantly get feedback on how we’ve positively changed our customers’ skin, which of course makes us happy. Moreover, we love that our community feels like they’re being listened to. Engaging with our audience and prioritizing customer service are both very important to us.

What is your favourite story about your organization?
Too many! Basically, I’m so proud of the team we’ve built here and the growth we’re experiencing.


What difference does being based in Brooklyn make?
Our roots are here; we began in Brooklyn flea markets and earned our first, fiercest, and most loyal followers here. We’re forever grateful for Brooklyn for launching our brand. We love this damn borough.

What are your plans for the future?
Launching some awesome new products, for one. Plus, continuing to change the conversation around beauty. We want to take our message globally and are basically plotting global domination tactics. Just kidding. But not really.

Where can people go to support your organization?
Head to or to your local Target store—we’re now available chain-wide!

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