Gallery Rounds: Heavily BK


There was a point earlier this month when I realized I’d seen 82 new gallery shows in ten days. I know, what a slacker!

Anyway, seeing all of those and a handful more since then has prompted me to do another Gallery Rounds post. My previous one, which includes photos of shows and works in a couple dozen galleries in various parts of town, is here.

This one features another dozen or so shows, and it’s significantly more specific to Brooklyn—from season-openers to pop-ups in Bushwick and Ridgewood, to a consummately and collaboratively creative makeover of a partially dilapidated house in Crown Heights.

Oh, and guess what will round out the annual art surge of September for the first time ever? Bushwick Open Studios, which kicks off at the end of this week. More details about that and everything else below.

Take notes. Go see stuff. Enjoy.


“Monuments in Reverse,” curated by Jake Cartwright at 245 Varet. Sometimes a sculpture in the middle of the room makes people herd in curious ways.


A work by Jon Cowan in “Monuments in Reverse.”


Two new solo shows opened in the multiple exhibition spaces at Art 3 Gallery. Above, top register, glimpses of works by Juliette Dumas. Below, lower register, paintings by Tara Kopp. I wrote a few observations about the shows here.


Secret Dungeon is a new gallery of sorts located deep in the guts of the long-vacant tunnels once used to smuggle moonshine from Brooklyn to Queens. Okay, I’m lying, but it is tucked inside a storage unit within a parking garage beneath some lofts in Morgantown. So, same thing. Anyway, check it out during Bushwick Open Studios. The space and the interactive poetry installation there are Caddyshack-tastic.


A look around at the recent openings in the 1329 Willoughby building. Here, TSA, Transmitter and Underdonk.


“Black and White and Re(a)d All Over,” at ArtHelix.


“Black and White and Re(a)d All Over,” at ArtHelix.


The opening of “Ambient Occlusion” at Present Company.


Matt Kleberg’s solo show at Schema Projects. A few more words here.


A closer look at Kleberg’s sprawling install at Schema Projects.


Debra Ramsay’s solo show at Odetta Gallery. A few more words here.


Paintings by Fred Escher and sculptures by Ron Baron at Valentine Gallery. A few more words here.


Sculptures by Ron Baron at Valentine Gallery.


Saint Fred, or rather St. Valentine, right around the time he told me he’d break my knees if I took a photo of him and shared it around. See me quake.


Jeff Elrod’s almost bafflingly cognitively sticky show at Luhring Augustine Bushwick. Further observations here.


One of Elrod’s works at Luhring Augustine Bushwick. You really need to see these in the real, for real.


This is Isidro Blasco, artist, new owner of 1608 President St. in Crown Heights and co-curator, with Piril Gunduz, of “Interventions 3,” in which the duo invited a bunch of artists to do site-specific installations throughout the entire house prior to commencing some heavy, and heavily necessary renovations. Isidro has his work cut out for him, for sure, but he’s given the property the right kinds of creative airs to pacify any and all lingering spirits. Bravo, Isidro.


Lindsay Packer in “Interventions 3.”


A detail in Talita Zaragoza’s room in “Interventions 3.”


Elana Herzog’s room in “Interventions 3.”


Julia Carboneta in “Interventions 3.”


At the opening of Brian Andrew Whiteley’s “Donald Trump Tombstone,” a Christopher Stout Gallery project at Temporary Storage, inside Brooklyn Fireproof.


A couple events at Studio 10 this past weekend. Above, top register, another of the monthly performances by Matt Freedman and Tim Spelios. Lower register, a poetry and prose reading organized by Robert Marshall. Both events are relatively regular occurrences, so check them out next time they surface.


Arts in Bushwick is launching Bushwick Open Studios in a huge way this year in celebration of its ten-year anniversary with a massive exhibit and similarly sizable tome. Featuring works by hundreds of artists, “Making History Bushwick” and the eponymous book will be yours for the taking, so to speak, this Friday when it all comes together at David & Schweitzer Contemporary. The exhibit is curated by Julie Torres, pictured here, and Michael David. More information about BOS 2016 can be found here. And if you’re interested in a free tour around the studios and shows with a duo of very cool girls, consult Lisa Levy and Nina Keneally. Bring a flask! You know, for water.

Paul D’Agostino is @postuccio on Instagram and Twitter.



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