Don’t Miss These Art Things, You Losers

Hillary’s fat and still has emails, a Filipino fisherman found a 75-pound pearl and then kept it hidden under his bed for ten years, and policemen in France are forcing women to take their clothes off. A standard week, all things considered. Planning to stay inside and click about it? Boring. Get out. Here are all the art things you should do and see this week instead of slurping fifteen mezcalitas and slamming four pounds of guac with your girlfriends.

Don't Miss These Art Things This Week, Losers

Curator Yujia Zhang stole the concept of overfitting from machine learning: when a computer is given an excessively complicated model with too many parameters, it starts to lose focus; rather than identifying the intended signals, the computer will respond to distraction and useless noise. Sound familiar? The show, featuring work from Jingying Eric Jiang, Luobin Wang, Weili Shi, and Zhipeng Liu, aims to unburden and de-clutter viewer response through the very technologies that confounded in the first place.
Opening Reception: August 26 2016 7:00PM — 10:00PM 

Don't Miss These Art Things, Losers

Blacklights, shamanism, ahayuasca, and shipping containers usually translate to getting lost in Bushwick, losing one of your shitty flip-flops, and probably sleeping somewhere you’re not supposed to. Not necessarily so! Fastnet (a solar-powered container gallery in Red Hook) is hosting Ricardo Harris-Fuente’s solo show Empire of the Moon, where “vibration, frequency, and pattern are a gateway into understanding for the wave-like basis of our existence.” Shamanistic shakings aside, if you haven’t been to one of Fastnet’s parking lot hot dog parties, you owe it yourself.
Closing Reception: August 28 2016 6:00PM — 9:00PM

Art Things To See & Do This Week

Kristin Smallwood’s show at American Medium opened earlier this month and was covered by both Art Forum and Bedford+Bowery. Their conclusion? A slightly more articulate expression of “Look at this wild sexy lady!” Smallwood is wild and sexy, but also terrifying and slightly messy (in good ways). Hangers dangle and brutally link phallic, cross-shaped IUDs to violence. Snapshots of beautiful women litter the floor (Smallwood among them) and a video syncs lips and lip-synchs—the artist sings Whitney’s “I Will Always Love You” with a vagina superimposed on her face.
Exhibition: August 11 2016 – September 4 2016

Don't Miss These Art Things, Losers

The beach! Dancing! Dancing on the beach! The founders of Beach Sessions Dance Series are nothing short of genius: established last summer, the program supports site-responsive works from New York-based choreographers on a raised platform on Rockaway Beach. This Saturday, long-time collaborators Rashaun Mitchell and Silas Riener will present Horizon Event No. 4, a series of dances re-configured and re-imagined from previous presentations; it’s a “seance to the elements”.
Performance: August 27 2016 6:30PM