kanye joey mcdonalds

“McDonald’s man, McDonald’s man, the french fries had a plan…”

And so begins the greatest and perhaps most poignant poem of our time. Over the weekend, Kanye West published an ode to the upscale dining confines of McDonald’s and its many selections in Frank Ocean’s zine, Boys Don’t Cry, which accompanied the release of his tremendous new album, Blond. The poem also came with photos of Mr. West driving through a McDonalds Drive-Thru in his humble mode of transportation (a Lamborghini).

With Kanye presumably not available for public readings of his latest expression of genius, Hot 97 needed someone to step up to the call yesterday and fulfill the civic duty of performing the rhyme for further public consumption. Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$, himself recently dabbling in acting with a recurring role in season two of Mr. Robot, decided to expand his artistic profile even further, as he joined DJ Megan Ryte to read the scintillating verse that the Yeezus put to paper.

As Joey says at the poem’s conclusion, “Classic. It’s Shakespearean.” We can’t think of any better way to put it.

Check out Joey Bada$$ reading the poem below:


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