Wilco! Wilco! Wilco has a new album!

OK, well, that’s not exactly breaking news anymore, after Jeff Tweedy and company announced last month that their 10th studio album, Schmilco, would be released on September 9th. The album comes only a bit over a year after the surprise release of Star Wars, the band’s solid record that hit the net and shelves during summer 2015.

Why wait for September 9th, though, when you can hear it on September 6th? Wilco announced that select record stores throughout the country would be debuting the album three days early, and New York City’s lone participant—as of now; the website promises that more stores will be added—is Brooklyn’s own Rough Trade NYC. The event is scheduled to begin at 6:00pm, with promises that copies of Schmilco will also be available ahead of time on Vinyl, so come prepared with your week’s allowance.

The Chicago mainstay has already shared cover art, from artist Joan Cornella, and also released two songs, “Locator” and “If I Ever Was A Child” off the new album. It also shared a 12-song tracklist, detailing a succinct, less-than-40 minute runtime.

Schmilco Wilco

Formed in 1994, Wilco is now well into its third decade as a rock staple, and its timeless Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is over 15 years old, but as Star Wars showed a year ago and Schmilco hopes to continue this fall, Tweedy and the gang—the band’s lineup consistent since 2005 after much shuffling—still have a lot to offer.

Listen to “If I Ever Was A Child” below, via Spotify:


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