Who Is The Cockiest Jeopardy! Contestant Ever?

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Seldom is Jeopardy! trending in the media, let alone real life (unfortunately). Today, however, a man named Alex Jacob is taking the Internet by a storm. Why? Because his level of sass almost broke televisions across America last night. Once Final Jeopardy! rolled around, Jacob had earned more than enough money to beat out his fellow championship contestants. So, instead of trying to earn even more money and proving that he could get the hardest question of the game right, he did a wild thing (as wild as Jeopardy! can get). He wagered $0 and wrote, “WHO IS GOOD GAME GUYS.” Damn.

To rub it in everyone’s faces, he’s re-promoting all of this on his Twitter, where his handle is aptly @whoisalexjacob. We see what you did there! He has possibly the most smug looking Twitter icon, but I guess that’s how you look after you win Jeopardy! and come up with super witty response on the spot. Unless he had this planned all along. He seems like the type. After all, he has two first names for a full name. Also, he looks like Jonah Hill. Of course, he publicizes this as well.

But wait, there’s more! Alex Jacob is more than a Jeopardy! savage. His Twitter bio lists all of his life’s accomplishment, and reads like a Jeopardy answer of its own: “6-game Jeopardy! champ and Tournament of Champions (2015), winner of the U.S Poker Championship (2006), regional spelling bee runner-up (1995).” Interesting skill set. Indeed, who is Alex Jacob? Thankfully, the world finally knows. 


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