apple store williiamsburg opening

Apple products are truly ubiquitous. You see them in the office, the subway, in the streets, tangled in your sheets, referenced in pop music, placed effortlessly in films and TV, plastered on billboards—and, oh look, you’re very possibly reading this on one right now. We’re pretty sure everyone gave up on trying to escape Apple world domination years ago. But somehow, Brooklyn—the mecca of Mac-preferrers—has remained absent of a flagship Apple Store.

However, that absence will finally come to an end on Saturday when the borough’s very first will open up in Williamsburg, in an area becoming more and more engulfed with brands and chains. Opening on Bedford Avenue between North 3rd and 4th Streets, the Apple Store will be near Duane Reade, J. Crew, Equinox, and right across the street from the just-opened Whole Foods.

Unlike the store’s typical glass exterior design, the Williamsburg location is hoping for a more “neighborhood” look, instead opting for a brick exterior. But it’s still doubtful that anyone is going to confuse this place for a mom-and-pop shop—the building’s size and that oh-so-familiar logo speak for themselves. But, we have to say, damn it’s going to be nice not having to trudge all the way to Manhattan when we’re stewing in self loathing from cracking our phone screen or losing our Mac charger (again).

The 13,700 square foot design comes by way of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, which previously designed six other NYC Apple Stores, most recently the Upper East Side location, which opened in 2015. Another store is in the works from the firm, set to be opened at a World Trade Center location in the near future.

For a peek at the store’s interior, check out some photos from Gothamist or stop by when it opens at 10am this Saturday.



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