Ahh, summertime in Brooklyn: block parties, rooftops, and, of course, frozen drinks. With Bon Appétit having already declared 2016 as “the summer of frozé” — that’s frozen rosé — there’s no better time to try some of our favorite boozy (and non-alcoholic!) cool beverages to help you beat the heat in our beloved borough.

From frozen teas and coffees (need that caffeine!), to refreshing cocktails and dessert shakes, we’ve got a cool drink for just about every taste. Check out our roundup below:

extra fancy Frozémonade summer drinks brooklyn frozen

Frozémonade! at Extra Fancy
What’s not to love about a frozen rosé lemonade? This version of the “frozé” is our favorite Brooklyn take on the new craze. Not only is the frothy blend of crisp rosé with tart lemon perfectly refreshing all year round, but sipping it at Extra Fancy’s nautical-themed yard makes for the perfect ending to any hot summer day.
302 Metropolitan Ave., Williamsburg

matcha frozen drinks brooklyn summer Watermelon Iced Latte

Matcha Watermelon Iced Latte – MatchaBar
Matcha may be one of the city’s newest obsessions, but MatchaBar really knows how to put a twist on this much-lauded tea. During the summertime, even the most dedicated scorching tea drinker needs a refreshing, colorful version to cool off. That’s when this refreshing Matcha Watermelon Iced Latte comes in. Not to mention, it’s Instagram ready!
93 Wythe Ave., Williamsburg

shot of switchel montana trail house brooklyn frozen drinks summer

Shot of Switchel – Montana Trail House
If you’ve never had a switchel before, you’re in for a Midwestern treat. Bushwick’s Montana Trail House serves Shots of Switchels for those looking for a non-alcoholic beverage to nurse throughout the night. And in case you didn’t know, a Switchel is “traditional Mountain Soda made with House-Made Apple Cider Vinegar aged in Bourbon Barrels with Fresh Ginger and Maple.” Yum!
455 Troutman St., Bushwick

frozen drinks brooklyn rocka rolla frozen coffee

Frozen Coffee at Rocka Rolla
Need a caffeine boost with your frozen booze? Try the country bar’s signature Frozen Coffee, made with bourbon, brandy and coffee liqueur — all topped with crunchy coffee grinds for an extra kick. Basically a spiked frappe, served in an iconic NYC diner coffee cup! What’s not to love?
486 Metropolitan Ave., Williamsburg

Key Lime & Vegan Coconut Pie Shake brooklyn frozen drinks butter + scotch

Key Lime & Vegan Coconut Pie Shake – Butter & Scotch
At Butter & Scotch, the boozy dessert shake combos are endless, but our favorite wholesome, tropical go-to option is the Key Lime & Vegan Coconut Pie Shake. A blend of House-Made Graham Crust, Key Lime Custard and Lime Zest Whip mixed with their Vegan Coconut ice cream comes together to satisfy all your frothy goodness needs. Truly a dose of paradise with every slurp.
818 Franklin Ave., Crown Heights

Raspberry Margarita Nights + Weekends Frozen Drinks Brooklyn

Raspberry Margarita – Nights & Weekends
What’s better than a margarita in the summer? A fruity version, of course. The Caribbean-themed Nights & Weekends offers this tangy raspberry version in two sizes: the standard “Miami Vice”, or if you’re feeling adventurous….spring for the super-sized “Something From South of The Border” for those extra-hot Brooklyn nights.
1 Bedford Ave., Greenpoint

Hawaiian Guava Shave Ice pokito rum brooklyn frozen drinks

Hawaiian Guava Shave Ice (with or without rum) – Pokito
Summertime is the perfect time to stop by this South Williamsburg fusion bar & restaurant for their authentic Hawaiian Guava Shave Ice. Watch as the Pokito staff shaves your snow ice with their old-fashion machine up front. The “virgin” version is perfect all on its own, but if you’re craving a kick, ask the bar to top it with a shot of rum.
155 S 5th St., Williamsburg

Frozen Sweet Tea Vodka bushwick country club brooklyn frozen drinks

Frozen Sweet Tea Vodka – Bushwick Country Club
Who would’ve thought a vodka float can be so sweet? Bushwick Country Club’s special concoction is made of frozen sweet tea and vodka to hit all the booze & caffeine notes in your system. Grab a couple of straws and settle into this iconic dive bar while you sip on the frozen treats.
618 Grand St., East Williamsburg

sangrita Bogota Latin Bistro frozen drinks brooklyn

Sangrita (red or white) – Bogota Latin Bistro
Is it a sangria? Is it a margarita? It’s both! Bogota Latin Bistro’s signature cocktail combines mixtures of both of these favorites for a hint of unique sweet and citrus flavors. Grab a red or white version — on their own or with your favorite Colombian-inspired brunch item — to cool off this summer.
141 5th Ave., Park Slope

enids frozen harrison brooklyn

Frozen Harrison – Enid’s
Enid’s Frozen Harrison has become somewhat of a cult favorite among Greenpoint locals. The pink-tinted slush combines tequila with refreshing grapefruit and a splash of cranberry for the perfect sweet & tangy drink. The best part? It’s only $5 during Enid’s 7-days-a-week happy hour.
560 Manhattan Ave., Greenpoint

Butter & Scotch photo by Kelsey Mitchell, all other photos by Jane Bruce


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