dpHUE: Changing The Way You Care For Your Hair [Sponsored Video]

If you have ever dyed your hair, then you are very familiar with the intricate maintenance involved to keep up your ‘do after leaving the salon. Purple shampoo, leave-in conditioning treatments, and touch up kits must be on hand if dry ends and roots are to be kept at bay. But even with a routine of tricks in between salon visits, it’s never quite the same result as that initial perfect hair day. Add to that a busy schedule, and the whole process can become a frustrating problem. That is, until one woman took initiative and decided to tackle this quandary for the rest of us.

Enter Donna Pohlad, founder of dpHUE, the ground-breaking at-home hair color and care line. After recognizing the need for a high quality, conveniently accessible coloring option, Pohlad developed dpHUE to “bridge the gap between salon quality products and those available in the mass market”. Using powerful ingredients including Argan Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar, the dpHUE line preserves hair health while bringing it vibrant color. Once the collection was established, it caught the eye of celebrity colorist Justin Anderson, who was searching for an effective and convenient solution to give his clients who frequently travel. “I found myself shipping color to clients around the world. Once I was introduced to Donna and dpHUE, I saw this brand was like no other and solved the problem I was continuously having – not being able to touch up your hair color between visits,” says Anderson. Teaming up together, Pohlad and Anderson aimed to reinvent the way you care for your hair.

Their top of the line hair color and care products, including the new Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse, are available at Ulta Beauty Stores nationwide. You can even visit their colorbar’s in Minneapolis and Los Angeles, to receive complimentary consultations and demonstrations on how to apply the color at home, or have your hair color applied by a professional colorist right there. Thanks to dpHUE’s revolutionary products, the days of those elusive peeking roots and fading color between salon visits are behind us, and that is definitely cause for celebration!



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