It’s been a week full of new information regarding artist M.I.A.’s upcoming work. A few days ago on July 11, she released the cover of her upcoming album A.I.M. on Twitter, an orange modern day coat-of-arms that reads “MIA – UNITING PEOPLE SINCE 2003.”

Aside from this Twitter update she also tweeted that she was on the verge of leaking the album on account of the way people were treating her in regards to it. Today, resigning from leaking the album, she’s shared that it will be officially released on 9/9, and the first track, “Go Off,” a collaboration with Skrillex, will be released tomorrow.
Along with announcing that the song will be out tomorrow, she’s released the lyrics sheet for the track, and on her website she’s shared a statement written by S. Varatharajah has been posted, who writes of refugees:
“Their narratives are construed as exchangeable, mutable and nuisance while their bodies are considered collateral damage. Survivors are treated as a surplus people whose very presence destabilizes the status quo, whose voices unsettle the known.”
This statement, as well as her recent Twitter feed makes it clear that M.I.A. is digging into her own experience as a refugee more than ever and giving much deserved airtime to the experiences of war refugees who are rarely talked about in the media. Look for “Go Off” tomorrow and check out the lyrics in the meantime here.

A.I.M. is out 9/9 via N.E.E.T. Recordings.


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