Bushwick’s beloved and quickly-rising DIY venue Palisades was deep into a lineup of performances (affiliated with our very own Northside Festival) last Saturday night when it was unexpectedly shut down. Scheduled to run from 8 PM until about 4 AM, Palisades’ near eight hour run was cut short before Juliana Huxtable, one of the shows headliners, could even take the stage. While the fate of the show was at first unclear to patrons who were at the venue, the termination of the night was clarified when Palisades simply tweeted, “Too lit. Sry yall.” at 2:45 am that night.


While the reasoning behind the closing is still cloudy, both eye-witnesses and Palisade’s use of the siren and police car emojis in a tweet the afternoon after the event make it clear that NYPD intervention is the cause of the shutdown.Due to the close, all of Palisades’ Northside events were either moved to different venues or cancelled, as are the rest of the shows scheduled in the upcoming weeks.

Ariel Bitran, the venue’s main booker, spoke with Resident Advisor and explained that the venue could reopen in August, but did not specify the reason behind the venue’s shut down. “We’re currently moving all gigs but could reopen in August,” Bitran wrote to RA in an email. “We can’t advise specifically why we were shut down, [but] we are very grateful for the outreach from the community.”
While it’s better than seeing the shows completely die out, and artists left with out performances, the relocation of all of the previously scheduled events begs the question: what’ll happen to Palisades as a space? And also, doesn’t the NYPD read The New Yorker?



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