Goddamnit. It’s been a shitty year (couple of years… decade… century?) for beloved Brooklyn neighborhood restaurants. We’re still sad about losing Brucie, and no, we won’t be getting over it anytime soon. (Or ever.) And then today brings news that Bushwick farm-to-table pioneer Northeast Kingdom will be closing in a couple of weeks? Well, this just sucks.

Per an email that the restaurant sent out today, after a decade in business, serving up some of the best food in the whole city, Northeast Kingdom will be serving its last meal on Saturday, May 28. So, if you haven’t tried the burger there yet (or basically anything else), go do so soon. And, in the meantime, check out this video we have of ramp foraging with former Northeast Kingdom chef Kevin Adey. And then go try that burger.

“Dearest Friends & Neighbors of Bushwick and Beyond,

It has been the greatest honor to be part of this dynamic and generous community for over 10 years. What a beautiful paint and dust-filled journey it’s been! Northeast Kingdom has been our second home, and we couldn’t have made it this far without your fiercely loyal friendship and unflinching support. Bushwick, you’ve been very good to us. You’ve made us better owners and better friends, but, most of all, you’ve made us better people. You are the most meaningful part of our story and the driving force behind what we do, and we want to thank you all for welcoming us and helping Northeast Kingdom become what it is today—a restaurant and a home to many.

My wife Meg and I opened Northeast Kingdom confident that Bushwick would grow and attract like-minded people who shared the creative, boundless vision of what the neighborhood could offer. The progress made in this community over the past decade has been such a thrill. Bushwick is a considerable feat of community-driven development. We’ve grown strong by uniting and filling the neighborhood with opportunity. It’s something we will always be thankful for and will always cherish.

After 10 unforgettable years in Bushwick, Northeast Kingdom will be serving its last meal on Saturday night, May 28th.

There’s no doubt this was a difficult decision to make, but we’re sure it’s what’s best for our family, which makes it both the right and only choice. Spending more time closer to our home upstate will allow us to devote more of our time and energy to our children.

This summer we’ll continue cultivating our farm upstate, and Meg will continue to work from her Bushwick studio. We still love the food world and feel passionately about the sustainable food movement. We will continue our efforts to promote community and conversation about food, bringing people into the fold, and sharing the knowledge to help people feel more connected to their food. Because above all else, this industry at its core is a very personal endeavor. And the personal connections we’ve forged over the years have truly been our greatest success, and we will continue to treasure them.

That said, we invite everyone to join us through the coming weeks for an ongoing celebratory send off. Pull up a barstool, raise a glass, and share your memories—the good ones and especially the weird ones! Allow us the opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to each and every one of you.

And before we manage to cry into our second bowl of french fries, we’d like to offer a sort of farewell gift in the form of our special ketchup recipe! Enjoy it and remember the good times, the french fries, and every enormous burger you surprised yourself by being able to finish on your own. We love you, Bushwick! Stop by, and let us tell you in person!


Paris, Meg & The Entire Staff at Northeast Kingdom

Northeast Kingdom’s House Ketchup Recipe

Makes about 2 quarts ketchup.


25 ounces distilled white vinegar
20 ounces tomato paste (we use Heinz)
12 ounces white sugar
3 ounces salt
1 tablespoon sriracha
¾ teaspoon onion powder
⅓ teaspoon garlic powder
⅓ teaspoon celery salt


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F. Combine all of the ingredients and whisk until mixture is completely smooth. Roast in the oven for 35 minutes. Remove from heat and allow time to cool. The ketchup will thicken as it cools. When cooled, whisk as needed in order to achieve a smooth consistency. Spoon ketchup into airtight containers. It will keep in your refrigerator for up to a month.”

h/t Bushwick Daily

photo via Northeast Kingdom’s Instagram


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