For Burger Week, Discover the Rainbow Bun Burger

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Did you know there is something called Burger Week? If you didn’t, I guess you can feel silly because why would there not be a Burger Week? Burgers are the best, given you like meat, carbs, and cheese. (I hope I’m speaking to a large number of you.) In essence, burger week is a celebration of all those things and the genius who put them together; Burger week is in its fifth year and, for it, restaurants around the city present special burger menus, in forms high and low, and usually with alcohol, so it’s heaven.

But we took note of one Burger Week burger, prepared by Joe’s on the Upper West Side, that you should make a special effort to eat: On Monday, May 2nd, you can take part in the “Golden Burger Lift Dinner” with “Willy Wonka-themed burgers and cocktails,” which essentially just means that you get to eat a rainbow bun burger.

Yes, New York Handmade Breads is the latest to jump on the rainbow-colored train by baking a rainbow-colored burger bun. The “Willy Wonka Styler Burger” will also be presented on a burger lift, you understand, to make it stand out even more, and be more impressive. You’ll also eat Sloppy Joe Fries and drink your choice of Willy Wonka-themed cocktails, and get a chocolate dessert.

So to recap: If you like burgers, carbs, cheese, alcohol, and chocolate, and you’re a New Yorker who could stand to add a little more color to your life—if not in your wardrobe—why not eat it. There is absolutely no shame in that.

For remaining tickets to the 8:30pm seating on May 2, visit here

H/T: Gothamist


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