Eugene & Co. Welcomes Chicky’s into the Fold


Tara Oxley essentially has her long-term business plan inscribed on the inside of her arm. There’s Eugene & Co., of course, the charming Bed-Stuy bistro that she christened after her grandfather, as well as the not-yet-realized S&B, a tattooed homage to her mom. Then there’s the just-opened Chicky’s—again, in reference to her grandpa, to the great delight of her dad—an old-meets-new goods and sundries store, situated on Tompkins Avenue.

And being that Oxley spent the large part of her career designing restaurant interiors (for the hit-making hospitality outfit, BR Guest) you can bet that tiny Chicky’s has a whole lot more moxie than your average corner bodega. She created the dangling, adjustable, bare-bulbed light fixtures herself, which cast a golden glow over the bushels of apples, crates of potatoes, and wooden shelves stocked high with bottles of Hey Boo coconut caramel, bags of Farmer Ground buckwheat flour, and packets of Early Bird granola. Leafy plants trail from emptied tomato cans, brushing their tendrils against artfully-worn brick and plaster walls, and a sturdy butcher block table is pushed up against the front windows, stocked with various antique finds from her travels.

Instead of proffering loosies, there’s a wire, chicken-shaped basket on the counter, facilitating the purchase of a single farm fresh egg. And as opposed to Hostess and Boar’s Head, sweets and prepared goods come courtesy of local purveyors, such as Saraghina and Chez Alex Bakery, as well as Eugene & Co. chef, Jeff Shields, whose stable of sandwiches include roast beef with horseradish, veggies on flatbread, and pulled Jamaican jerk pork.

Due to her impressive run in Bed Stuy, we’re eager to see what Oxley has in store for Brooklyn next. Thankfully—provided that tattoo can be trusted—it seems we shouldn’t have to wait too long.

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406 Tompkins Ave., (718) 975-7646



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