Celebrate MLB Opening Day as You Should: Watch Major League at Nitehawk

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I like baseball just as much as the next guy. Just kidding; I used to, but now I find it really boring. If you’re in a similar camp, might I suggest a more thrilling alternative to watching opening day of Major League Baseball 2016 (which happens this weekend): instead, watch the best baseball movie of many of our childhoods, and possibly of all time, Major League, next Tuesday at Nitehawk (more tickets available today!).

But it gets better: Not only will you have the chance to revisit Charlie Sheen as a kind of believable professional ball player with black-rimmed glasses, take in a satisfying 80s romance, and a crap-load of ball field profanity, you can also eat hot dogs while that happens—just like an IRL baseball fan might do—except these are specialty Brooklyn dogs, paired with Major League-themed alcoholic beverages. And you can do all of this in the cool dark, rather than in the whipping wind or searing sun. And for just a couple of hours, as opposed to like four never-ending hours.

Yes, Nitehawk is putting on one of its wonderful Film Feasts for this special Major League viewing. Dishes and drinks will be served throughout the screening that pair with, or are inspired by, the movie’s plot points or characters.

In this case that means: the “Rachel ‘Cross Him Off’ Phelps,” or, a pepperoni dog with mozzarella, puff pastry, parmesan, and arrabiata sauce. You will wash that down with the “Cuyahoga,” a refreshing mix of vodka and sparkling cider. Next, you’ll be served a “Pedro ‘El Conquistador’ Cerrano” pork dog with melted gruyere, dijon, plus ham and pickle relish on a toasted ciabatta. Quench your thirst after that with a pepper-infused Havana Club Rum—a fresh lime, fresh grapefruit, and Maraschino liqueur concoction.

There’s a whole lot more Major League eats and drinks where these come from, including an insane desert called Wild Thing. Discover the overly-sweet joy that that is, and check out the rest of the menu right here.

But the main point is: just don’t be daft and miss the chance to feel intense childhood nostalgia, and like you are a really smart person for figuring out how to miss actual opening day, and eat and drink and go to Nitehawk instead.

For the full menu, visit this page; more tickets available starting Friday. And get it on this Tuesday viewing at 7:15pm! Do not strike out. There is no crying in baseball. 


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