Lunar Love: Where to Worship the Moon in Brooklyn


Whether you view it as “woo woo” or not, paying attention to all things lunar is a fun way to find some semblance of a connection with nature in spite of our urban surroundings. Many gather in honor of lunar cycles, paying homage to its gravitational, mythological and spiritual forces. If anything, you might use it as an excuse to read up on Pagan rites and goddess worship.

Often, new moons are considered an ideal time to reset. Should you choose to pay attention to the moon’s cycles and the ancient, attendant symbolism, you might heed the advice of some who suggest setting intentions for things you’d like to create, develop, and manifest. There was, of course, a solar eclipse last night, though very little of it was visible from inhabited land. In other words, we didn’t see it. But maybe we *felt* it? Either way, we’re using it as a great excuse to will some positivity into your life—or at least an alternative to happy hour.
If you’re looking to get more deeply in touch with the moon might we suggest one of the below events? Most involve joining others in meditation, circles and some even suggest chocolate. Remember, these events celebrate the new moon—there’s a whole new crop of events, usually more bacchanalian, coming later in the month for the full moon. We’ll keep you posted on that in case you’d like to get weird and witchy again.


The Babe Collective. New Moon Goddess Circle. Friday, March 11 7:30-9:30pm at New Love City, Greenpoint
This event promises intention setting for badass babes and hot witches alike. There will be chocolate and meditation. Dance and releasing. Spell casting and laughter. Oh, and vibes. Vibes aplenty. The Babe Collective prides itself on making their female-uplifting events digestible for your modern life.
March Wild Woman Moon Circle Friday, March 11, 7:30-10:00pm Awakening, Greenpoint
Awakening wants you to tune inward. They’ll create sacred space complete with goddess cards, guided meditation, creative visualization, sharing, chocolate (again) and an intention setting ritual. Seems like a great way manifest that raise you’ve been too shy to ask for.

This circle is a part of The Wild Woman Project, open to the public, and a safe space for all who identify as women.

Women’s New Moon Mini Healing Retreat Saturday, March 12. 5pm The Loom, Bushwick. This sounds like the spa day of moon circles. You can receive Reiki Healing while relaxing in “luxuriously supported restorative postures.” Postures will be accompanied by the likes of mantra, visualization and sound. Essential oils are also involved.The idea is to leave nourished, ready to live more holistically & authentically in the weeks to follow. Sounds like a much better use of a Saturday evening than drinking?
Oh, they also recommend you bring any favorite crystals, totems or jewelry, a journal, a pen and water.


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