Rent a One Bedroom Apartment in Williamsburg for Only $532/Month

Photo: Jorge Quinteros/Flickr Creative Commons.
Photo: Jorge Quinteros/Flickr Creative Commons.

Thirty apartment units are sprouting up in Williamsburg, offering low-income individuals and households a chance to live in financially sustainable housing in the ultra-expensive neighborhood with one-, two-, and three-bedroom units ranging from $532 to $1,182 per month.

As a part of NYC Housing Connect, the units will determine the applicants’ rent by their household size and annual household earnings. So an individual making anywhere between $20,490 and $27,640 annually, could walk away with an one bedroom unit for just $532/month.

The apartments—located at 37 Ten Eyck Street, 37 Maujer Street, and 356 Bedford Avenue—are in a prime location for the socially active Brooklyn-dweller (it’s a heavily bar- and restaurant-populated part of the neighborhood) who also wants an easy commute–the units are within walking distance of L, G, J, M and Z lines.

But because we understand that finding an affordable apartment in New York can be tedious and never-ending to the point where $1640/month starts looking like a bargain, we’re a little hesitant about broadcasting this long-shot renting opportunity because it will make the odds of landing one of these apartments even steeper for those who’ve already applied, but what the hell? Doesn’t everyone deserve a place to rest their head at night? Yes.

Applications are due no later than April 29, 2016.



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