Hear Marissa Nadler’s Dark, Dreamy Single “Janie In Love” + Get New Album Details

marissa nadler

Boston based singer-songwriter Marissa Nadler has released the tracklist and a new single from her upcoming album Strangers, set to be released in May. This will be Nadler’s seventh full-length album and a follow-up to her 2014 project July. “Janie in Love” is dark, dream-pop number that, like Nadler, blurs the lines between indie-rock and ambient pop music. A self-aware Nadler reminds us of the way love tends to embody a natural disaster: “You touch and the earth will crumble/You speak and hurricanes attack.” This is precisely what I imagine FKA Twigs would sound like if she was to collaborate with Sufjan Stevens (we can dream people, we can dream).

Here’s the Strangers tracklist:
1. Divers of the Dust
2. Katie I Know
3. Skyscraper
4. Hungry Is the Ghost
5. All the Colors of the Dark
6. Strangers
7. Janie In Love
8. Waking
9. Shadow Show Diane
10. Nothing Feels the Same
11. Dissolve

Strangers is out 5/20 on Sacred Bones.


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