Watch The Broad City Season 3 Trailer on Repeat Until February 17 When Abbi and Ilana Are BACK

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.03.31 AM

On a scale of one to ready, how ready are you for Broad City season three to begin? Oh, you’re ready? Cool. February 17 is almost here.

If you didn’t get your pre-premiere fix last weekend painting a mural with Abbi and Ilana’s likenesses, this fix will be even more satisfying: The Broad City season three trailer, released yesterday by Comedy Central. A whole one-minute 40-second-long extended moment of joy.

In it you’ll see: guest stars Tony Danza and Cynthia Nixon (Hillary Clinton conspicuously does not appear), Ilana wearing a hoodie made for dogs and a large chain for the purposes of working out; Abbi being generally more on top of her shit, wearing a bike helmet, playing basketball, and recognizing NBA Star Blake Griffin in a club.

That said, the only thing either of them needs to do to be funny is, say, move a pinky or take a sip of juice. So this clip is quite satisfying. Enjoy. Then go sit in your bedroom and watch it on repeat until February 17. After you see it, doing anything else will seem really boring and less funny.


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