There Are Now Dog-Parking Spots in Brooklyn

Dog Parker
Photo via Facebook

Brooklyn dog owners can finally relax now that there are canine parking spots in the borough, making it that much easier to take your dog absolutely everywhere you go. After all, running errands with your dog can be really fun (not to mention good exercise for your pup, as well as ample opportunity to delight passersby with your dog’s inherent adorableness), but it’s also full of moments of major anxiety–for both owner and pet—namely, when you have to tie your pooch up before entering a store. But now there’s Dog Parker, a pay-by-the-minute neighborhood parking system placed outside of stores and restaurants, designed to take away the stress of running out for a pack of toilet paper when you have your dog in tow.

By becoming a member and downloading the mobile app, Dog Parker members can stow their dog for 20 cents per minute or $12 per hour in a magnetically sealed doghouse, which is equipped with a webcam and fully temperature-controlled. All errand-running dog-owners have to do is call “dibs” 15 minutes in advance or reserving the parker for a later time.

The first Dog Parker was introduced back in October outside Baguetteaboudit on Vanderbilt Avenue in Fort Greene, but the doghouses can now also be found in Prospect Heights and Park Slope with continued expansions throughout 2016.


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