Slate, Following “New York’s Creative Class,” Will Move to Brooklyn

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Late last month, Time Inc., one of the oldest media companies on the planet decided to pack up and move to Sunset Park. Matt Bean, who heads up one of the company’s new verticals, The Drive, said, “I don’t know anyone who was excited about our Midtown location.” All the young editors at Time were already based in Brooklyn anyway, he said.

Now, the Slate Group—started in 2008 as a collection of online-only magazines by the Washington Post Company—will follow suit. In April, Slate (and its podcast operation, Panoply) will pack up offices shared in the West Village with the Washington Post, and move to Metrotech Center, in Downtown Brooklyn.

As reported by AdAge, Slate’s new offices will have space for 128 employees in 21,000 square feet, and will include four podcast studios. (AdAge points out that Slate was not sold to Jeff Bezos in 2013, while the Post was; the paper will be moving to offices in the Flatiron District.)

Of Slate’s move to Brooklyn, AdAge reports a spokeswoman for Slate, in an email, said, “We’re following our staff — New York’s creative class no longer lives in Manhattan.”

Seems like a solid call to us. In addition to Time Inc.’s new offices, Slate’s new Brooklyn media neighbors will include the Awl Network, Gothamist, and, well, us.


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