Mission Chinese Food Will Start Serving Brunch on Christmas!

This "Hurricane Rice Krispie Treat" will be served at Mission Chinese Food's new brunch! photo via Mission Chinese Food's Instagram
This “Hurricane Rice Krispie Treat” will be served at Mission Chinese Food’s new brunch!
photo via Mission Chinese Food’s Instagram

Here’s the problem with being from New York: You never get to go anywhere for the holidays. So while everyone else you know is off to some exotic locale like Ohio, you’re stuck in New York, dealing with an empty city. Oh, wait: Did I say this was a problem? It’s actually, like, the best. thing. ever.

What could be more amazing, after all, then not just existing in this city, but owning it? At least temporarily, by default. Oh, I’ll tell you what could be more amazing: If it were 75 degrees in December. Oh, it is? What could be better than that? I’ll tell you what: If one of the city’s most inventive, delicious restaurants suddenly started offering brunch. Oh, it is? Yes, that’s right! Danny Bowien announced today that widely adored Mission Chinese Food will start serving brunch—featuring Black Seed bagels with “appropriate accoutrements like chopped liver and a collaborative take on whitefish salad” and dim sum carts offering “little plates of mapo tofu, and scrambled egg and tapioca dumplings”—tomorrow morning on Christmas day!

There’s literally never been a better time to be spending Christmas in New York. See all you non-locals on the other side.


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