This New Year’s Eve, Drink 20 Cheap Cocktails On Tap at This Brand-New Bushwick Bar

Via Dear Bushwick Instagram.
Via Dear Bushwick Instagram

Hi Brooklyn, are you looking to get somewhat shmasty on New Year’s Eve? Let us suggest a game plan: Drinking lots of medium-shelf cocktails that cost between $4 and $9, on tap, at a brand new Bushwick bar—which debuts that very night—Yours Sincerely Cocktail Laboratory.

The owners of Dear Bushwick have been trying to figure out what to do with the rest of their space, right next door, for quite some time, according to DNAinfo. It was purportedly during a trip to England that Julian Mohamed and Darren Grenia found the prototype for their future sizable dispensary of pre-batched cold cocktails. That bar, called the White Lyan, measures out all mixed drinks en-masse using a scale to ensure maximum, inexpensive drink consistency. The result “blew everyone else out of the water.” Shocker.

All told, YSCL (we just turned it an acronym) will have 17 ready-made cocktails chilled and on tap, as well as three sodas made in-house that have a little bit of alcohol in them (hence, the officially 20 cocktail offering), six beers, two wines and one measly whiskey (who wants something unmixed and straight up when you’ve got 20 ready-made cocktails to choose from?).

It’s of course the mixing in bulk (and not high-end liquor) that makes these puppies cheap—which is a draw in and of itself. But beyond that, I find there is something inherently appealing about cocktails that stream out of little spouts. It is such a novelty. And, I think, even more fun when the recipes are not too fancy. Drinking is one activity that gets better when it’s not so precious.

So, tell all your friends. This New Year’s Eve, there’s lots of excitement on tap in Bushwick.

Yours Sincerely Cocktail Laboratory opens December 31, 5pm. Monday – Saturday, 5pm – 2am; Sundays 5pm to midnight. 41 Wilson Avenue, Brooklyn. 


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