Bushwick will Get a 30,000-Square-Foot Punch Bowl Hangout in 2017

Via Punch Bowl Social PDX Instagram.
Via Punch Bowl Social PDX Instagram.

Brooklyn has already demonstrated it likes its punch. Since the Drink opened in 2010, many have rediscovered the joy of drinking alcoholic beverages served out of grandmother’s classic entertaining ware.

Well, if you were feeling like the Drink couldn’t quite meet all demand for mixed drinks served out of large bowls, it is your lucky day—or it will be in a year or so. That’s right, in 2017, Bushwick will welcome the city’s first Punch Bowl Social—a punch, food, and game-playing hub that already exists in six cities across the country. The Real Deal reports the Brooklyn warehouse space is 20,000 square feet, and a 10,000-square-foot roof deck will be added.

The Denver-based business behind the restaurant, Seasoned Development, has also ensured the ability to hang out in Brooklyn and serve up drinks via ladles—and host games like bowling and table tennis—for quite some time: The company signed a 15-year lease for two “interconnected industrial properties” at 199 Starr and 350 Troutman streets in the quickly developing neighborhood.

A big grand opening of the self-described  “dining and entertainment mecca” is slated for fall 2017. It’s hard to resist a bad pun here about how the result will make everyone pleased as punch, but if Punch Bowl Social is similar in its local effect to another leisure-mixed-with-drinking destination, Gowanus’s Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club, i.e. turned that quiet corner of the neighborhood into somewhat of a club scene with a line out the door, reviews may be mixed.


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