Objects of Desire: 100 Brooklyn Design Objects We Love


This is going to sound biased, but I think Brooklyn designers make some damn good things. Even though I am not totally sold on the idea that there is a definite Brooklyn aesthetic, each of the following designers managed to take a basic object—everything from a chair to a coaster—and made it into something special, and reflective of their own signature look. Sometimes that meant turning vegetables into pendant lamps or creating a functional clock out of two Band-aid-esque strips. And while it would be impossible to highlight every cleverly designed object in the borough, here are the 100 design objects that manage to combine the conventional and unusual in a very Brooklyn way.

  1. 1 rabbit and dragonTurquoise + White Geo Vase
    Rabbit & Dragon, $55
    Anyone who thinks a vase should only be a cylinder has never seen these one-of-a-kind geometric vessels.

  2. 2 cactus chairCactus Chair
    Thislexik, contact for price
    The cactus chair, and really all of Thislexik pieces, is a functional art piece that is meant to strike a conversation for those who see it—and sit on it.

  3. 3 odds and endsOdds & Ends Necklace
    Though the name and components—a brass spike, bone, wood, and horn—suggest something haphazard, this asymmetrical design is both unique and beautifully constructed.

  4. 4 ladies scarfLadies Silk Scarf
    Leah Reena Goren, $60
    The Pink Ladies get a twist, one that is less musical and more full-frontal, in this versatile silk-twill accessory.

  5. 5 anna pouchAnna Pouch
    Gift Shop Brooklyn, $82–$98
    Whether it’s dangling from your wrist or resting on your shoulder, this shimmery triangle pouch adds just the perfect amount of chic to your daytime or evening outfit.

  6. 6 plant hivePlant Hive
    Stephane Hubert Design, $900
    You can never go wrong with a ceramic planter, especially one propped up with a stand made of repurposed Coney Island boardwalk planks.

  7. 7 letterpress glove bookmarkLetterpress Glove Bookmark
    Sesame Letterpress, $5
    Never lose your place again with this handmade illustration of a vintage glove bookmark.

  8. 8 Ngong Moyen PouchNgong Moyen Pouch
    Katrin Reifeiss, $79
    Like the name suggests, this hand-dyed clutch gets its name from the Ngong Hills of Nairobi, Kenya.

  9. 9 cheese knifeMicroplane Cheese Knife
    Chelsea Miller Knives, $350
    Made from the spalted maple tree on artisan Chelsea Miller’s childhood farm in Vermont and high carbon steel repurposed from a horseshoe rasp, this cheese knife is perfect for all cheese cutting and grating needs.

  10. 10 cradle ear cuffCradle Ear Cuff
    Lady J Jewelry, $68
    Get cuffed in the right way with this bronze cradle hoop cuff earring that’s chained to a simplistic circle stud.

  11. 11 black walnut sugar spoonBlack Walnut Sugar Spoon
    Herriott Grace, $125
    The delicate shape and rich feel of these tiny wooden spoons will make adding sugar to your morning coffee a quotidian delight.

  12. 12 mountain toteMountain Tote
    Gold Teeth Brooklyn, $28
    Carrying groceries and beach garb—and even your pooch—has never been easier than with this attractive, sturdy tote.

  13. 13 Brass key ringBrass Key Ring
    Milly & Earl, $15
    Rings don’t have to be flashy to make a statement. Case in point, this brass key ring.

  14. 14 pourover mugsSpeckled Pour-Over and Mug Set
    btw ceramics, $58
    Sometimes you just need one cup of coffee to start your day. Keep this at your office to make your coworkers jealous.

  15. 15 Gego HatGego Hat
    Psyche Jewelry, $855
    The Gego Hat gives the wearer the opportunity to wear a crown without looking like a self-entitled, pretentious snob.

  16. 16 Collapsable water bowlCanvas Collapsible Water Bowl
    Found My Animal, $36
    This collapsible bowl makes feeding and hydrating your pooch on the go a totally feasible reality.

  17. 17 catalina_mouseCatalina Mouse
    Hazel Village, $45
    It’s hard to pick just one of these adorable stuffed animals but Catalina Mouse is serving us Red Riding Hood meets 1920s Polish immigrant.

  18. 18 bk wine toteBrooklyn Wine Tote
    Maptote, $16
    Sometimes you just need a nifty tote that lets everyone know you enjoy the nicer things in life, and that you’re probably going to booze out once you reach your destination.

  19. Pickle Print Dish Towel
    The Neighborgoods, $18
    This dish towel is the perfect gift for the chef in your life who is a big ~dill~ in the kitchen.

  20. 20 oxblood walletOxblood All Over Deluxe Wallet
    TGT, $46
    “Keep it simple and keep it tight” with a TGT wallet that encourages you to reduce the clutter from your pocket.

  21. 21 Flora and faunaFlora and Fauna
    Twig Terrariums, $150
    Bring the forest into your home with your own twig terrarium, equipped with your very own faux baby deer.

  22. 22 brass fringeBrass Fringe Earrings
    Rama Rejman, $80
    Influenced by the linear patterns of the Art Deco Movement, these elegant yet edgy earrings are the perfect accent to any outfit.

  23. 23 Opal doubleThe Opal Double
    Olivia Kane, $245
    So mood rings still exist, and our feelings about this news is a cross between blue (happy) and lilac (excited).

  24. 24 rio cuffRio Cuff
    Nettie Kent, $194
    The turquoise in this cuff might come from the Kingman mine in Arizona, but you’ll feel like an Egyptian queen with a bracelet that even Queen Zar herself would wear.

  25. 25 lightening necklaceLightning Necklace
    Allison Van Dyck, $280
    Frame your neck in this sculpted rose gold, silver and brass necklace.

  26. 26 woven cuffWoven Cuff
    Jen Cogliantry, $95
    This woven cuff is the only strings attached you’ll be wanting this season.

  27. 27 potters moccasinThe Potters Moccasin
    BU-KIN, $60
    It seems kind of bizarre to put anything but socks on babies feet since all they do is crawl, but look how cute these are.

  28. 28 Book benchBook Bench
    Spacio Terreno, Email isa@spacioterreno.com for price
    If you’re inclined to stack books in a corner without any structure or reason, like we do in the office [Ed. note: Don’t reveal all our secrets!], then you might want to consider adding the book bench to your unorganized life.

  29. 29 moon coastersMoon Leather Coasters
    Leif, $38
    The only crescent marks found on your table will be from these gorgeous leather moon coasters.

  30. 30 bamboo skewerDouble Pronged Bamboo Skewer
    AHeirloom, $20
    Designed off the shape of antique hairpins, these bamboo skewers will have you making kebabs for a month straight.

  31. Double Dutch Jump Rope
    Materiall, $175
    Double Dutch might be old school and maybe you haven’t done it since you were in fourth grade, but Materiall is bringing it back with this limited edition jump rope set and we suggest your start jumping.

  32. Modern Love Earrings
    Skylar Man, $4,400
    A good pair of earrings should not only dazzle, but be able to double as a weapon. These fit that description perfectly.

  33. BC Moon Brass Wire Bracelet
    Barbara Campbell Handmade Jewelry, $120
    This brass wire bracelet is effortlessly chic but with a dash of danger.

  34. The Crosby Mini-Clutch
    Maria Castelli Designs, $180
    We don’t know why exactly, but mini-version of anything is always better. Case in point: mini M&Ms, and also this bite-size version of the Crosby Clutch.

  35. Double Monkeytail Bracelet
    Scosha, $120
    Look rugged and cool with this double wrapped, fishtail braided bracelet latched on your wrist.

  36. Card Case Leather
    Abutilon, $45
    Carrying your credit cards, dollar bills and Metro card just got a lot easier, less bulky, and far cuter.

  37. The Frances Wallet
    Lolafalk, $108
    OK, so having a brightly colored wallet is attention grabbing but crime is still low af so if you’re all about aesthetics then a Lolafalk wallet is worth the risk. Which, really, is pretty minimal.

  38. Beacon Benches
    Stefan Rurak, Email stefan@stefanrurak.com for prices
    One positive thing post-Superstorm Sandy is these benches that were made from fallen sugar maple trees rescued after the storm.

  39. Turntable Dub Box
    Goodwood NYC, $50
    Amplify your music and your life with this wireless dub box that projects high quality sounds from your phone.

  40. Honeycomb Tray
    Noble Goods, $295
    Enhance your food presentation game with this unique honeycomb serving tray,

  41. HIDE n SEEK
    Think Fabricate
    It’s all smoke and mirrors when it comes to this mounted cabinet that  cleverly conceals it contents in plain sight.

  42. Mush-Lume Trumpet Pendant
    Danielle Trofe, $750
    This mushroom-cum-pendant lamp is good for the fungus-lovers among us.

  43. Wooden Beer Mug
    Brooklyn Butcher Blocks, $70
    Drink like a Viking with these wooden Beer Steins that are designed to make getting inebriated way easy, the Viking-way.

  44. Walnut Keepsake Box
    Brooklyn Bowls & Furniture, $950
    When it comes to stowing treasured jewelry and mementos the capsule should be as elegant and irreplaceable as the items it carries. This fits the bill.

  45. Vinyl Record Storage Cart
    Waxrax, $4,200
    Mobilize your record collection with this polished vinyl cart.

  46. Sitting Buddha Metal Tea Table
    GIN Art & Design, $850
    Bring tranquility and ease into your home with this tea table that has a sitting Buddha hand cut along the base.

  47. Strap Board w/ Handle
    Pernt Studio, $100
    Whether it’s hanging from the wall or being used to chop vegetables, this strap board is a must-have in any kitchen.

  48. Custom 3D-Printed Vase
    fahz, $65
    You know what’s missing from this vase? Your face, and three other faces in this customizable black 3D-printed vase.

    AVANDI, $700
    This series of triangular tables make it possible for you to turn your coffee table into individual end tables that can be scattered around the home.

  50. Reclaimed Barn Wood Chandelier
    Urban Chandy, $1,050
    Give your space a rustic glow with this one of a kind chandelier that is made from salvaged barn wood.

  51. Truss Chair
    Uhuru Design
    We aren’t sure how Uhuru Design constructed the Truss Chair, but we like the idea that we feel like we’re floating on air when sitting in this plush seat.

  52. Boulder Collar
    Uhuru Fine Jewelry, $16,000–$20,000
    This stunning scorched collar is the manifestation of when metal-meets-rocks on the Red Hook waterfront.

  53. Tuck Bed Horizontal
    Casa Kids, $2,000
    It might not be bunk beds but this foldable bed provides so much room, you know, for activities.

  54. Early Bird Pendant Light
    Perch!, $120
    The early bird catches the worm, or rather shines a 25 watt candelabra bulb over you, waking you up in the morning.

  55. Serving Trays
    Asher Israelow Studio LLC, $200
    You can never have enough serving trays, especially with the holidays in full swing.

  56. Mock Rock
    Flavor Paper Pricing will vary
    Thanks to the folks at Flavor Paper, you can know have that rock wall you always wanted without ever having to tear down those plaster wall.

  57. Carafe
    Clam Lab, $280
    While you can use the pitcher to pour wine, we think that the carafe with its smoke and ash exterior is better used as a display.

  58. Incense Burners
    Species by the Thousands, $46
    These incense burners are the perfect addition to creating a tranquil, good-smelling surrounding.

  59. Buy Local 2016 Calendar Tea Towel
    Claudia Pearson, $16
    Everyday is Small Business Day with this tea towel calendar for the new year.

  60. Icelandic Owl Claw Necklace
    Kria Jewelry, $330
    One silver and one brass claw from the Icelandic owl brings together this beaded necklace.

  61. Everyday Square/Blush Grid
    Don’t Worry Baby, $72
    With sweater weather, comes scarf weather aka a reason to wear this oversized silk scarf all season long.

  62. Prospect Tote
    Sylvan Park, $595
    In case you didn’t know, this tote is Brooklyn’s Official Unofficial Bag.

  63. Black Scribble Crossbody Bag
    Thread & Paper, $46
    This handmade silkscreened bag is perfect for the person on the go.

  64. Wedge Lamp
    Lean-To Lights, $190
    We’ve grown tired of the basic lamp with linen shade and pole, and that’s where the wedge lamp comes in with its solid maple triangular shape that gives us a break from the traditional.

  65. Spike Small Planter
    Little Bear Pots, $78
    We’re not going to tell you what you should and shouldn’t plant in this spiky planter, but the prickly features of cacti complements its design really well.

  66. Ferns Tea Towel
    Amelie Mancini, $22
    This might be a stretch but since this tea towel is printed with a moss-green ink and moss, the plant, acts like a sponge, does this mean that this tea towel is perfect for soaking up messes? Sure, why not. Also, it’s pretty.

  67. Santa Fe African Yoga Bags
    Xnasozi, $36
    You aren’t a serious yogi if you aren’t carrying your mat in a xnasozi tote.

  68. Spirit Eye Dish
    Demetria Chappo Ceramics, $40
    Your keys, jewelry and spirit is safe with this hand-sculpted porcelain dish.

  69. Bizarre Injuries
    Left Field Cards, $25
    Find out how Red Sox third baseman Wade Boggs strained his back, and how nine other baseball players got hurt in unusual ways in these collectable baseball cards.

  70. Slasher Tumbler
    Young Alexander, $38
    Drink in style with this simple yet stylish tumbler.

  71. Hexagonal Brass Wall Hooks
    Light + Ladder, $180
    Hanging up a coat or plant never looked so good thanks to hexagonal brass hooks.

  72. Bouquet Apron
    Coral & Tusk, $76
    So chances are you won’t be gardening anytime soon, but come spring this garden apron will be as essential as the seeds.

  73. Key Chain
    8.6.4, $48
    Your set of keys are starting to resemble a janitor’s chain. Try adding some flair with this tassel chain.

  74. Incense Burner
    Amelia Brooklyn, $7
    Let your incense burn on these cute stoneware burners.

  75. Cable Staple Earring
    beroep, $72
    We love how simple and elegant this staple earring looks in the ear.

  76. Sticker Clock
    Good Thing, $10
    Like a sticker, the Sticker Clock adheres to a wall with two fabric strips without leaving behind an adhesive residue.

  77. Bark Ring
    Carrie Bilbo, $200
    Tree lovers rejoice, you can now carry a piece of bark with you wherever you go. One, we must add, that wasn’t stripped off a tree. So you can still feel environmentally friendly!

  78. New Moon Studs
    Claus Jewelry, $195
    Celebrate the next new moon, which is December 11, with these minimalist studs.

  79. Cora
    Cradle, $75
    The Cora ring is a must-buy for those of you obsessed with the stackable ring look.

  80. Ceramic Spoons
    CorPottery, $18
    If you’re not using these ceramic spoons for all your serving, ladling and coffee needs, then you’re not living right.

  81. Whirlpool Pendant
    Consider the Wildflowers, $50
    Whether it’s rested in the front or draped along the back, this whirlpool necklace is both delicate and elegant.

  82. Un Casado Aloha Girls:
    De Islas, $136
    Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t pretend you’re somewhere tropical.

  83. Cuyo/Nomad West Long
    Tamika Rivera, $160
    Made with new, repurposed, and recycled material, the Nomad West Long necklace is ideal for those who are looking for a unique, layered necklace.

  84. Mint Rug
    AELFIE, $249
    Is it weird that we want to curl up in this fluffy sheepskin throw? Nope! It isn’t. Cozy is always cool.

  85. Todd Snyder x PF Flyers Rambler Hi
    The Brooklyn Circus, $160
    Ouigi Theodore, owner of The Brooklyn Circus, is the epitome of cool. So we can only assume that you can get a shred of his likeness in these PF Flyers.

  86. Kitten Mitten Supreme/Rose Gold
    Catbird, $390
    It isn’t a secret that we’re obsessed with Catbird. So while we list this beautiful kitten mitten, we really think you should just shop their entire collection.

  87. Watercolor Temporary Tattoos
    Lovewild Design, $6
    You don’t need to get Brooklyn tattooed across your forehead to show your love when a temporary tattoo of the borough would also suffice.

  88. Jenny Chain + Blush Jade Headpiece
    Kerry Ann Stokes, $92
    Why hide your glow behind your bridal veil, when you can radiant on your special day with this elegant headpiece. And, honestly, you don’t need to be getting hitched to wear this around. It’s just that beautiful.

  89. You’re My Everything Bagel Poster
    Fishcake Design, $25
    New Yorkers and bagels go hand in hand. And what better way to show the connection than a bagel pun?

  90. Jules Throw
    Caroline Z Hurley, $140
    From table cloth to wrap dress, this throw can be anything you can think of.

  91. Swatch Jumpsuit
    Dusen Dusen, $282
    Are you really into design if you’re not wearing sections of different swatches on your clothing? Nope. So wear this with pride.

  92. Red Outline Key Target
    Bower, $65
    Never misplace your keys again with this magnetized target.

  93. Ovis Hanging Chair
    Ladies and Gentlemen Studio, $2,800
    This reinterpretation of the classic sling chair combines metal, wood, cotton, and leather to make a clean and sophisticated hanging chair.

  94. L Vase
    Saint Karen, $56
    Putting flowers in a Saint Karen vase will make you forget that sunny and warm weather is behind us. Because, like, it’s also in front of us!

  95. Gloriosa Vase
    EyeBodega, $125
    This wild, bright yellow and crimson glaze pattern vase is a flawless replication of the petals of  the gloriosa lily.

  96. Private Parts Rug
    Cold Picnic, $264
    We couldn’t decide which Cold Picnic rug was our favorite, but we’re pretty satisfied with out choice.

  97. Twin Peaks Hat
    Lola Hats, $310
    It can be hard to find a flattering hat that makes you feel confident whenever your wear it, that is, if you haven’t worn the Twin Peaks hat.

  98. Throne 1.5x Brooklyn Watch
    Throne, $500
    The founders of Throne understand the hustle it takes to live in Brooklyn that’s why they made a sleek and bold watch to support that lifestyle.

  99. Bound Necklace
    Sight Unseen, $180
    When it comes to statement pieces we believe that you don’t need to go over the top to stand out, a detail that Sight Unseen not only understands but has perfected.

  100. Cracked Moon Necklace
    Butternut Brooklyn, $45
    Usually when things crack or break they lose their value, but that’s not the case for this chunk of beautiful finished walnut, which adds inestimable worth to this beautiful and affordable necklace.


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