Breaking: Rental Car Companies Are Totally Ripping Off New Yorkers with EZ-Pass Fees

photo via the Comptroller's office
photo via the Comptroller’s office

Hey, what are you doing? Preparing to leave New York and wade right into the current traffic apocalypse in order to get to wherever it is you’re going this holiday weekend? Cool. Us too! And are you preparing to do that via a rental car? Ohmigod, US TOO. Well, guess what? We’re all getting fucked. Cool!

Via a new “holiday travel report” from City Comptroller (and excellent middle school graduation speech-giver) Scott Stringer, local rental car companies are putting car-less New Yorkers in a real bind, thanks to the “lose-lose situation” that drivers will find themselves in, because rental companies are “charging excessive ‘convenience’ fees to use E-Z Pass, or forcing them to sit in pollution-causing cash-lane traffic at toll booths.” Awesome.

Read the full report here, but just know that the takeaway is that the extra-costs that rental companies impose on drivers means that they experience a hike in “the cost of tolls by 82 to 270 percent on a four-day round trip from New York City to upstate New York.”

“A four-day round trip from New York City to upstate New York”? THAT’S EXACTLY THE JOURNEY UPON WHICH WE’RE ABOUT TO EMBARK.

Fabulous! At least now we know where and to whom we’ll be channeling our anger and frustration as the minutes and hours tick by on our journey. Damn you, rental companies. Damn you to hell.


  1. Good Lord, Iversen, what are you writing about here? E-Z Pass fees? Have you passed off the game to those less inclined to fight?


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