Self Care: 12 Wellness-Related Gifts for the Fitness Freak


Everyone’s so into health these days. Us too! Here’s what to get the fitness freak in your life.


VitaMix Professional 200 $529
Oh, hey: Get someone a VitaMix and change their life for the better in an instant and make sure to invite yourself over for one of the many smoothies or juices or soups or whatever that they make because it’s bound to be delicious. And good for you! Yay.

State Bedford Backpack in Orange $75
A great backpack is an essential component of riding your bike around Brooklyn, and this one is not only comfortable, it’s also brightly colored for maximum visibility.

Brass Bicycle Bell $25
Did you know New York City law says cyclists must have lights and bells on their bikes? Make sure safety comes first for the ones you love with this awesome brass bell. Ring-a-ding-ding.

The Beauty Chef Antioxidant
Inner Beauty Boost $50
This probiotic elixir is designed to make your skin look great from the inside-out. It can be added to any smoothie made in a VitaMix, so it’s a good gift to give in tandem with said power-blender.

Western Sahara Slippers from
Brother Vellies $265
After a long run or long SoulCycle class or even just a long day, there’s nothing we want more than to just lounge around. And we’d especially like to do it in these ultra soft slippers.

PurSoma Hot Tub Bath $36
Self-care is very important, and so is giving the gift of self-care. These bath salts are a perfect winter present because they’re designed to keep you healthy at the first signs of sickness, and we don’t know exactly what it is about their blend of ginger root, sea salt, and clay that wards off congestion and malaise, but it really works for us.

Gift Certificate to XTend Barre prices start at $34
Simply put, this exercise class is a wildly effective (and addictive) way to stay in shape. We’ve never left class without feeling like we’re standing two inches taller and like our muscles continue to be working all day long. Give someone else the gift of feeling great (plus having a rock hard ass) and in turn feel good about yourself.

Eperson Mountaineering Backpack $200
Totally functional and also super-fashion-forward, this is the backpack we recommend for people who are traversing Utah’s Goblin Valley, or even just heading over to get their climb on at Brooklyn Boulders.

Giro Sutton Helmet in White $80
Safety first, sure, but looks count too, and this beauty will make even the most helmet-averse cyclist feel ok about strapping on protection.

Juice Cleanse from $52
This Williamsburg juice spot mixes up some of the most delicious and healthy drinks in the borough, and if you think you know someone who might want to bring a little austerity into their diet post-holiday binge season, this is a great place to consider.

The Upside Pique Running shorts $47
A great incentive to working out is getting the right gear first. We love these shorts because, obviously, the arrow is cute, but also they’re airy and super-comfortable, thus making the awfulness inherent to running a little less awful.

crop_sacredclassGift Card to Hot Vinyasa Body Flow
There’s an abundance of classes on offer at Sacred Brooklyn, and we think pretty much anyone can benefit from either its yoga or meditation (or both) classes. So give the gift of being centered and sweaty to someone special this year.



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