11 Great Stocking Stuffers

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Stocking stuffers, Secret Santa gifts… however you want to categorize these things, just know that even though they might be small in size, their impact will be big. (They’re all just really cool gifts.)


Earth Tu Face Coconut Body Butter
earthtuface.com $42
The addition of cardamom makes this coconut body butter smell totally out of this world.

Daruma Wish Doll
beambk.com $8
This cute little doll is not just a cute little doll; it is a way of realizing your personal goals. No, really! Once received, you’re supposed to think of a goal or intention and fill in one of the eyes. When you’ve achieved that goal or intention, you fill in the other. It’s just that simple? It is. It is!

Lovers Tarot Pouch
smallhomestudio.com $20
This is the perfect thing to carry around make-up or loose change or, like, your tarot card deck from college that you’ve been wanting to take out and use again to impress your coworkers.

Incense Holder and Incense
smallhomestudio.com from $12
We love incense, and this perfect little holder makes it even more fun to use than it already is. Which is fun, because who doesn’t like smoky things that smell good?

Animal Playing Cards
AandGmerch.com $19
These cards are so amazing and would be the perfect office Secret Santa present for someone because you can assign an animal to each person you work with and it’s so fun because, really, everyone looks like an animal in clothes when it comes down to it. You’ll see!

Benefit Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm
benefitcosmetics.com $18
The lip balm version of the universally flattering Benetint is so amazing: hydrating and capable of giving your lips the perfect, just kissed glow.

Wilde Stone Notebook by Ogami
zady.com $14
This little notebook will have its user abandon the crappy Notes app on their iPhone in no time at all—with absolutely no regrets.

Essential Oils
betweenyouandthemoon.com $15
Different essential oils are good for all sorts of things: They soothe headaches, help with insomnia, work as hair treatments. The list goes on and on. Stock up for someone you love.

Kita Boshi Red Checking Pencils
cwpencils.com $1
These red pencils are perfect for the editor in your life, by which we mean someone who is a literal editor and routinely marks up pages of text with inscrutable-to-the-outsider red marks. But also, these are just great for anyone who might need a little joy in their life; writing in red is fun.

Paper Placemats
goodthingny.com $17
These festive placemats (made out of 100 percent recycled material and recyclable themselves) are the perfect hostess gift this season, and isn’t that always one of the most difficult gifts to figure out, leaving most guests clutching a bottle of wine at the threshold of a party? Well, yes. Now you can bring these placemats. And wine. Because wine is still a good thing.

8 Ball Zines Tote
8ballzines.bigcartel.com $8
Sure, tote bags are ubiquitous, but this 8 Ball tote is a handsome addition to anyone’s collection. Plus, it can be filled with zines for an especially good gift for a friend.




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