13 Gifts that Will Make an Art Snob Smile


It can be really hard to buy things for the aesthetically gifted people in your life; good taste in others can be really hard for us plebes! But never fear, we’ve got you covered. These presents will make even the most judgmental of your loved ones pretty, pretty pleased.


Models Are Posers T-Shirt by Skaters
objectify139.com, $30
Cindy Crawford is really having a moment right now. This T-shirt lets us all share in it.

Devid B. Geeting Post Card Set
objectify139.com $30
This is a great gift for the simple reason that it will encourage your loved ones to send you a card sometime instead of writing you an email because who even reads email anymore? Not. Us.

June by Chad Moore
objectify139.com $30
This selection of photos by photographer Chad Moore is an excellent addition to anyone’s stack of beautiful coffee table books.

Lump Nubbins by Adam Frezza
and Terri Chiao

chiaozza.bigcartel.com $70 and up
Nubbin of the month club
Oh, we’re sorry, you don’t know someone who wants to be in a “nubbin of a month” club? Then get this for yourself. It’s that awesome of a gift.

Nicholas Newcomb Cactus Pod
nicholasnewcomb.com, $38 without plant, $52 with plant
Even if you know someone with the blackest of black thumbs, it’s practically impossible to kill a succulent. But even if the cactus does die, these pods would be great paperweights.

Kaye Blegvad Reclining Lady
kayeblegvad.com $60
We want this on our nightstand now. Do you know us? Please get this for us for the holidays. Thanks.

Tunica Ceramic Vase
objectify139.com $190
Everyone needs a vase because nothing sucks worse than getting flowers and having nowhere to put them. This is the perfect vase for putting flowers or just for hanging out on its own. TUNICA Porcelain collection in Collaboration with Saint Karen.

Paige Vickers Print
paigevickers.com price by the yard
We clearly love Paige Vickers (responsible for the illustrations on this feature), and would cover ourselves in her prints as if we were George Costanza swaddling himself in velvet.

The *Supreme* Lucky Gardener DIY Kit
twigterrariums.com, $85
It’s a plant in a glass jar! What’s not to love?

The Notebooks by Jean-Michel Basquiat
Word Bookstore, $30
Little known fact: Basquiat is buried in Brooklyn’s own Green-Wood Cemetery. How is that relevant to this being a great gift for literally anyone in your life, art-lover or not? We don’t know. But maybe include that information when you give this to someone, because everyone likes trivia.

“Post-War and Contemporary Art:
The Artists and Artworks in the Christie’s Evening Sales”

christies.edu $350
Christie’s is not just an esteemed auction house, it also offers a stellar adult education program, any class of which would be great for someone you love who wants to be able to speak intelligently about art at, like, cocktail parties or whatever.

Paige Vickers Letterpress Cards
paigevickers.com $4
Cool thing about giving this as a gift is that you’re almost sure to get one sent back to you as a thank you card.

Membership to the Whitney
whitney.org from $85
Easily the most Instagrammed New York museum of 2015, the new Whitney is a great place to give someone a membership to, not least because they’ll probably ask you to tag along as a guest.




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