Almost as Good as End-of-Day Beer: Baby Red Pandas

Go bonkers over baby pandas at Prospect Park. (Via Prospect Park Zoo Instagram)
Go bonkers over baby red pandas at Prospect Park. (Via Prospect Park Zoo Instagram)

New York City may not go as bonkers over baby pandas as they do in Washington DC, where, when a baby panda is born, Michelle Obama herself appears in person to christen the tiny furry creature “Bei Bie,” pronounced Bay-Bay, which sounds like “baby” in French, which is of course funny because the panda is, in fact, a baby. But we are still people, so we find them cute.

Now, Prospect Park Zoo has two brand new baby red pandas who you may go and visit and fawn all over, whenever you have a minute.

As we learned from DNAinfo, the park has acquired one male and one female panda youngling, and they have joined two full-fledged adult red pandas, already in-house. Within a mere 18 months, the babies—which are part of a vulnerable species, as so determined by the International Union of Nature—will become fully grown.

So, go get some baby red panda while it’s hot, like, sometime in the next one-and-a-half years. And, in the meantime, watch the video below, where you can see baby red pandas doing all sorts of unremarkable things, like climbing on trees and kind of piling on each other. Or, do the best possible thing available to you in this instant and gulp beers and watch baby red pandas at the same time.


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