The Babes of Bushwick Calendar Is Back, Now with Less Mustaches and More Tattoos

This man can be yours, in 2D.
This man can be yours, in 2D

Women in New York are babes. Grade-A female-babe sightings are as common here as spotting taxis that will not stop for you. Men in New York are ok too, but tend to be harder to find. One glorious moment, there they are! The next, they’ve returned to their mysterious lairs, never to be found again. Instagram accounts like Hot Dudes Reading on Trains do their best to combat this phenomenon, but the fan of the good-looking man can always use more material.

Which is why it brings us great joy to share with you that, for the second year in a row, Bushwick-based photographer Michelle Ma has released Babes of Bushwick—a full calendar year of very good looking men, who really live in Bushwick, and have been captured by Ma on film, so that we may ogle one of them per month, throughout all of 2016. Titillating, right?

Last year Ma could only catch seven Bushwick Babes in front of her camera. This year she managed to round up 12 flesh-and-blood babes. This year’s cast is also more diverse, says Ma, which is exciting; we’ve personally noted that she’s branched away from the mustachioed man, so expect a New York Times trend piece on the death of the mustache, oh, within the next decade or so. But, yes, this calendar contains only the most au courant babes who are also prodigiously tattooed and doing things like lounging on motorcycles and pulling off their T-shirts all around Bushwick.

And so, Michelle Ma, from the bottom of our man-babe loving hearts, we say: Thank you.

For you sad sacks who, unfortunately, missed the launch party last week, all is not lost—you can still purchase your very own Babes right here


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