All the Pretty Things: The 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

photo by Nicolas Maloof and illustrations by Paige Vickers

It’s much better to give than to receive. But it’s also much harder to give than to receive. People can be so difficult to shop for that the whole experience can be downright anxiety-inducing. There’s just so much pressure. Well, we’re here to tell you that you can stop worrying and just relax; embrace the gift-giving season with a clear mind and a full heart (and also, hopefully, a similarly full bank account), because we’ve taken on the burden of picking out dozens of things for you to buy for every conceivable person in your life. Know someone who is obsessed with health and is always going on and on about how ballet barre has changed her life? We’ve got it figured out. Is there a person in your life who has the kind of aesthetic sensibility that requires a gift-giver to be ultra-careful before splurging on anything lest it just be returned a day later? Never fear. We’ve got it covered. In fact, from the lit-lover to the sex freak to the music snob, we’ve taken care of everyone in your life for you this holiday season. You’re welcome.


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‘Tis the season for men to start dressing, like, really, really well and so to better honor of the well-dressed dude in your life during the holiday season, here’s some stuff to buy that’s sure to impress him and everyone who sees him.


Jungmaven Navy Sweatshirt $84
This simple, wear-with-anything staple is the kind of thing that will be reached for constantly; and when it is, the recipient will be thinking of—and thanking—you. Plus, it’s made of sustainable textiles, so it’s not just practical, it’s also ethical. Win-win.

Fine Chino Twill Tailored Jacket $449
Not your typical blazer, thanks to the combo of autumnal colors, this jacket is unorthodox enough to be appreciated by the kind of guy who can best be described as someone who thinks November is the greatest month.

Red Wool Fingerless Gloves $14
His hands can stay warm and he can still use his smartphone. Win-win.

Brick Red Pima Hat $78
Look, he can get a cheap ski hat on the street for himself whenever he wants, but one this nice? That’s up to you to do for him.

Outlined Floral Neck Tie $70
Sure, giving a tie seems vaguely reminiscent of Father’s Day gifts from when you were a kid, but that’s because this tie didn’t exist in the early 90s. This tie is cool. Get this tie.

Soft Oxford Scarf in Yellow $58
Brighten up someone’s day… nah, brighten up his whole damned winter with this vibrant yellow scarf.

Brit Circle Shirt $175
No guy needs another gingham shirt, so do something out of the ordinary and get this outside-of-the-norm button-down which, thanks to its muted color palette, still manages to match everything.

Leisure Life NYC Luxe Duffle $800
Simply put, this bag is the single most gorgeous overnight duffle we’ve ever seen. It’s the definition of luxury and something of a splurge, but it’s also totally worth it and a good incentive to get someone to go on a weekend trip with you.

Classic High Navy by Svensson $380
These sneakers are timeless, and pretty much guaranteed to please whomever is lucky enough to receive them.

Saturdays Surf NYC Bowery
Fireworks Sweatshirt $100
Boom! This is a great sweatshirt with a slouchy, but trim fit. Get it for anyone who likes luxe leisurewear. (Everyone at this point, right?)

Arlo Overcoat Black Melton Wool $580
Don’t you want to be the one responsible for someone being both warm and highly stylish this year? Sure, you do. This coat gets both those jobs done very, very well.

Toby Mustard Yellow Tee $440
Turtlenecks—including, if not especially, mock ones—are super hot this year. This condiment-colored one with three-quarter sleeves is one of our favorites.

Epaulet Thorpe Varsity Jacket $495
Yet another piece representative of the luxury athletic-wear trend, this jacket will take anyone back to their high school glory years, whether they actually had them or not.

Raf Simons Washed Denim Jeans Shirt $575
The perfect denim shirt for any guy (or girl, really; this shirt is for everyone), but particularly cool if you give it to someone with the initials RS, because who doesn’t like monograms? Even if they weren’t initially intended for you.



All of these women’s fashion items are classic pieces, destined to become staples in the recipient’s closet, but they also all have just the right twist to make them surprising and all the more appreciated because of it.


Sunday Dress in Black Crepe $245
Oh, hey: Is there any woman alive who doesn’t want to emulate Wednesday Addams? We didn’t think so. Help the woman in your life along with this mission by getting her this beautiful dress.

Ali Golden Kimono Tunic in Rust $196
A flowing tunic that can be worn all year in a gorgeous dusty-red? Yes. Yes. Yes!

Le Mont St. Michel Velour Sweatshirt $165
Super soft and snuggly, this sweatshirt is one that will be worn on a daily basis, meaning that whoever you give this to will be thinking about you all day, every day. Until laundry day. But whatever.

Elk Stad Boots $245
Ankle boots are super-versatile and pretty much universally beloved. This particular pair is incredibly comfortable, hits the ankle at a very flattering point, and comes in a really stunning oxblood color. Sold.

Zady .03 Linen Shirt $45
The perfect white T-shirt is a thing to be celebrated at any opportunity. This version is made from sustainable, high quality materials and is offered by ultra-responsibly online clothing company Zady and so is a great gift for the ethical shopper in your life.

AANDD Petite Pack in Celadon $424
Backpacks are back and our favorite version is this super-sweet pastel green version in the most supple, buttery leather imaginable.

Cuyana Cinch Shoulder Bag in Black $250
Roomy and in a classic shape, this purse will instantly become a staple in anyone’s closet.

Let’s Dance Skirt in Tartan $98
Hey! It’s the holidays! So a swingy festive skirt is in order. This one is a great length and is perfect for holiday party season and beyond.

Ryder Longline Jacket $89
Sleek and stylish, this jacket is the perfect extra layer for anyone to wear all winter and even into the spring. It’s also just the right amount of goth and would look amazing with the Sunday dress from In God We Trust.

A.P.C. Steinbeck Denim Overalls $325
Everyone should have a pair of overalls. Um, and probably everyone should have this pair of overalls because they’re roomy and have perfect cuffs and are just so comfortable.

Period Panty $29
Do these really need an explanation? No, they really don’t. Because. They’re. Perfect.

Lauren Manoogian Lounger $300
It’s winter! Time to hunker down and get cozy and just lounge. That’s why it’s the perfect time to give the gift of this Lauren Manoogian one-piece. Celebrate the drop-crotch. Tis the season.

Ravenna High-Waisted Briefs $90
Leopard print goes with anything. This underwear proves that it also goes with nothing at all.

Darner Socks in Pink $32
These delicate socks are so amazing peeking out between a pant cuff and a pair of loafers. So amazing.

NASA Tee $68
What’s not to love about outer space? Lance Bass hasn’t gotten there to ruin it yet, you know? This shirt is just right for the space cadet in your life.

CHUP cotton Blend Knit Socks $35
Cozy and colorful are two very strong qualities when it comes to describing socks, and this pair has cozy and colorful covered.



From vinyl to heart-shaped necklaces printed with Drake lyrics, there’s undoubtedly something here for any music lover in your life.


New Vinyl
Rough Trade NYC: 64 N. 9th Street, Williamsburg 
Is this a broad recommendation? Why, yes! Yes it is. But also, it’s a good one because it’s an opportunity for you to check out what’s good at a real, honest-to-goodness brick-and-mortar record store and get personalized recommendations. Highly suggested clockwise from top left: Sun City Girls Torch of the Mystics reissue, Wolf Eyes I Am A Problem: Mind in Pieces, Uniform Perfect World, and Beech Creeps Beech Creeps .

Vintage Vinyl
Academy Record Annex: 85 Oak Street, Greenpoint
Head over to Greenpoint to pick up a variety of vintage records. If you want to get a trio with a New York angle, may we recommend Patti Smith’s Horses, Debbie Harry’s Koo Koo, and Talking Heads’ Talking Heads: 77.

Terz Amplifier $250
This portable little amp was created specifically for Third Man Records and its diminutive stature belies its excellent sound. Suitable for use with guitar, synthesizer, voice, radio, or records, it’s a nifty little piece that packs an auditory wallop.

10’ Pig Hog Cable $20
Doesn’t it suck when you can’t find a cable when you really need it? Yes! This one is bright blue and thus hard to misplace.

I’ll Never Write My Memoirs by Grace Jones $27
Grace Jones has lived a life. Read all about it in her memoir and marvel at the fact that someone like her breathes the same air we all do. “Goddess” is definitely not too strong a word.

<3 Heartbeats Necklace $65
Uh, who wouldn’t want Drake lyrics on a heart that can be worn close to your heart? Nobody. Nobody wouldn’t want those.

Korg Clip on Mic $15
This ultra-practical gift might not seem like the most fun thing ever, but sometimes the gift of utility is the greatest gift of all.

Crosley Portable Record Player $98
You don’t need to spend a lot of money anymore to get a perfectly decent record-player. And this version has this awesome flower-printed case. We kind of couldn’t love it more if we tried.

DeVore Orangutan Speakers $12,000 pair
These beauties are cultishly beloved by all who’ve heard sound come from within them, and so while, yes, the price is high, these are a splurge that will be adored by the recipient forever. If you want to spend a little less, DeVore also has smaller speakers, the Gibbon 3XL, which retail for $3700 a pair.

Loopy Lou Recorder from BrandNewNoise $76
BrandNewNoise describes this recorder as being perfect for your “design-savvy friend who has almost everything,” a “3.5-year-old whose first word was ‘awesomeness,'” or anyone who needs a “sound studio ‘secret weapon.'” We concur.

The Rap Yearbook: Deconstructed
by Shea Serrano
Serrano dives deep here, going back to 1979 and the origins of rap, exploring the East Coast-West Coast divide, and debating the most important rap songs over the last few decades in a must-read book for any hip-hop aficionado.

Don’t Suck, Don’t Die: Vic Chesnutt
by Kristin Hersh

Hersh is a great writer (if you want to add her memoir Rat Girl onto your gift list for yourself, we’d recommend it), and she does an amazing job here, recounting the troubled, yet glorious life of singer-songwriter Vic Chesnutt.

Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl
by Carrie Brownstein

Brownstein is not just an acclaimed musician (Sleater-Kinney) and actress (Portlandia), she’s also one hell of a writer. This book should be at the very top of any music lover’s reading list.

Blue Cymbal Bag 24″ Vaya Bags $195
Dating a drummer? Good for you. They tend to be totally crazy but also really hot. Treat them as nicely as they’d better be treating you with this retro-looking but totally modern and waterproof cymbals carrying case.





It can be really hard to buy things for the aesthetically gifted people in your life; good taste in others can be really hard for us plebes! But never fear, we’ve got you covered. These presents will make even the most judgmental of your loved ones pretty, pretty pleased.


Models Are Posers T-Shirt by Skaters, $30
Cindy Crawford is really having a moment right now. This T-shirt lets us all share in it.

Devid B. Geeting Post Card Set $30
This is a great gift for the simple reason that it will encourage your loved ones to send you a card sometime instead of writing you an email because who even reads email anymore? Not. Us.

June by Chad Moore $30
This selection of photos by photographer Chad Moore is an excellent addition to anyone’s stack of beautiful coffee table books.

Lump Nubbins by Adam Frezza
and Terri Chiao $70 and up
Nubbin of the month club
Oh, we’re sorry, you don’t know someone who wants to be in a “nubbin of a month” club? Then get this for yourself. It’s that awesome of a gift.

Nicholas Newcomb Cactus Pod, $38 without plant, $52 with plant
Even if you know someone with the blackest of black thumbs, it’s practically impossible to kill a succulent. But even if the cactus does die, these pods would be great paperweights.

Kaye Blegvad Reclining Lady $60
We want this on our nightstand now. Do you know us? Please get this for us for the holidays. Thanks.

Tunica Ceramic Vase $190
Everyone needs a vase because nothing sucks worse than getting flowers and having nowhere to put them. This is the perfect vase for putting flowers or just for hanging out on its own. TUNICA Porcelain collection in Collaboration with Saint Karen.

Paige Vickers Print price by the yard
We clearly love Paige Vickers (responsible for the illustrations on this feature), and would cover ourselves in her prints as if we were George Costanza swaddling himself in velvet.

The *Supreme* Lucky Gardener DIY Kit, $85
It’s a plant in a glass jar! What’s not to love?

The Notebooks by Jean-Michel Basquiat
Word Bookstore, $30
Little known fact: Basquiat is buried in Brooklyn’s own Green-Wood Cemetery. How is that relevant to this being a great gift for literally anyone in your life, art-lover or not? We don’t know. But maybe include that information when you give this to someone, because everyone likes trivia.

“Post-War and Contemporary Art:
The Artists and Artworks in the Christie’s Evening Sales” $350
Christie’s is not just an esteemed auction house, it also offers a stellar adult education program, any class of which would be great for someone you love who wants to be able to speak intelligently about art at, like, cocktail parties or whatever.

Paige Vickers Letterpress Cards $4
Cool thing about giving this as a gift is that you’re almost sure to get one sent back to you as a thank you card.

Membership to the Whitney from $85
Easily the most Instagrammed New York museum of 2015, the new Whitney is a great place to give someone a membership to, not least because they’ll probably ask you to tag along as a guest.



There’s so much good stuff to eat and drink in Brooklyn right now. Here’s some of it.


Gray and Pink Foozie $25
What’s gray and pink and furry all over? These gray and pink fur koozies. Duh.

Braven White IPA $2.50
Trust us, someone you love is dreaming of a White IPA this year. Make their dreams come true.

St. Agrestis Amaro, Blackfly Bourbon Whiskey, Neversink Apple Brandy 170 Franklin Street, Greenpoint $40, $40, and $31
Any of these selections would be spot-on for the cocktail connoisseur in your life. But if you get them all three, they’ll love you forever.

Early Bird Granola $14
This granola is super crunchy and has plenty of plump dried cherries for a toothsome tangy, sweetness. Granola might seem like a weird holiday present, but that must be because you haven’t tried this version yet.

Brooklyn Roasting Company
“Court Street Grocers” $13
This particular roast is dark and smoky and has an effect akin to drinking rocket fuel, which is something we mean in the best possible way.

Malvi Marshmallow Cookies $8
The next best thing to s’mores, these minty marshmallow treats are seasonally appropriate and just plain delicious.

Lucky Peach subscription $28/year
Consistently filled with great food writing and home to some of the most gorgeous photography out there, Lucky Peach is a great gift for any literary foodie.

Brooklyn Local 1 and Local 2 $10/each
At a time when people regularly spend their Saturday mornings standing on incredibly long lines for the chance to purchase limited run beers, it’s important to remember that you could instead walk into basically any bodega in this wonderful borough and buy two world-class beers: 750ml bottles of Brooklyn Brewery’s Local 1 and Local 2, a Belgian Pale and a Belgian Dark respectively. The festive color combination of their labels and their overall good looks make them the perfect gift for your beer-curious relative or, even better, the perfect host/hostess gift to bring to holiday parties.

Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha $10
Smoky and spicy with just the right amount of funk to it, this hot sauce is a great alternative to the ubiquitous rooster-adorned bottle on everyone’s shelf.

Apple Plate $27
Apples are cool. They keep doctors away. They also look good on plates, as it turns out. Like, really good.

Razzy Gabby from the Jam Stand $8
Sweet and spice and everything nice, all in one glass jar.

Liber & Co. Pineapple Gum Syrup $9
Perfect for dressing up cocktails, this pineapple syrup is just the right amount of sweet and is a strong addition to anyone’s bar cart.

Mustard and Co. Garlic Dill Mustard $9
Fact: Mustard is the best condiment. Spread the word by giving this version as a gift to everyone you know.

Fleishers Meat Stix $8
Friends don’t let friends snap into a Slim Jim. Friends get friends these deliciously smoky Fleishers Meat Stix instead.

Foosball Bottle Opener $48
Bottle openers are one of those things that everyone loses and it sucks because everyone needs them. This foosball version is so cute that it will never get lost, making this the perfect gift.

Paige Vickers PYT Glass Tumblers $10
We’re not totally sure, but we think in this case “P.Y.T.” stands for “Pretty Young Tumbler.”

Slate Beverage Coasters $24
Practical gifts are almost never pretty, but these coasters defy tradition and manage to be super nice to look at as well as effective at preserving your wooden surfaces.

Le Creuset Dutch Oven in Caribbean $350
This is a great gift for any home chef, and this color is just too, too beautiful.

Oak & Rye Wormwood Craft Absinthe $46
Perfect for that friend who appreciates the taste of really good liquor and who likes to just, you know, get fucked up.

Marble Mortar and Pestle $14
This little guy is gorgeous and hand-crafted and very useful for grinding up spices and looking cute on a kitchen counter.

Silkscreen of Fort Defiance $150
This beautiful silkscreen pays tribute to one of Red Hook’s all-time great spots.

Soapstone Cooking Pot from Whisk $80
Why a soapstone pot? Well, besides the fact that it just looks really cool, this pot retains heat for a lot longer than a traditional pot, making it great for parties.

Maple Whiskey Sour Craft Mixer $12
Mix one part whiskey and one part of this mix and have a very, very happy holiday.

Life Curated Drink Stones $35
These stones are designed to keep your drink cool without watering it down the way ice does. They also just look really awesome. So there’s that too.

crop_knifeMisen Knife $65
I’m not too proud to admit that I look to J. Kenji Lopez-Alt of Serious Eats as something of a culinary guru, so when he called this “the holy grail of inexpensive chef’s knives,” I had to get my hands on one. When I did, it was, unsurprisingly, tough to disagree: for an unheard of $65, you get a 8.2″ carbon-steel workhorse that cuts like a dream and feels perfect in your hand–substantial and serious without being clunky.



Sex-related gifts can be tricky. We guess. Maybe. Or maybe not, because this was easily the most fun category to put together this year. We hope you—and whomever receives these gifts from you—agree.


Womanizer in Black and Leopard $189
As explained by Babeland (and, apparently, Oprah agrees?), the Womanizer sucks, i.e. it literally latches on and is designed to suck on the clit. Plus, it shares a name with a Britney Spears song. So! Get one.

Tenga Egg Hard Boiled Edition $43
The fact that it says “Easy Beat” right on Tenga’s packaging should kind of explain it all: This is an amazing toy for masturbation. And because the greatest gift is that you can give to yourself, the Tenga Egg is the gift that keeps on giving.

Salua Stardust Cami Top and Shorts $114 and $98
Silky and sweet, this cami and short duo is perfect for lounging around in all year.

A Sport and a Pastime by James Salter $14
Unlike, oh, almost every other man of his generation, Salter could write sex. Read it here.

The Lover by Marguerite Duras $15
You know who else could write sex? Duras. Give this to someone you love and then watch Hiroshima Mon Amour with them, thus ruining them from ever wanting to be with anyone else because you’ve proven yourself to be perfect.

Bordelle Cabaret Soft Triangle Bra,
Webbed Bondage Garter,
Webbed Suspender Garter Belt $184, $118, and $210
Does this set really need an explanation? No. We didn’t think so.

Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Signature Bralette and Thong in White $28 and $20
The 90s are back, obviously, and nothing was more 90s than the Calvin Klein label peeking out over the waist of our jeans. Love. Love. Love.

La Perla Graphique Couture Carioca Bra
and Thong in Black $475 and $216
No, but seriously? Do we need to explain this gift?

Kelsey Henderson The Bad Ones $65
Sure, Alexander Hamilton’s the real hottie of the paper money crew, but there’s still something undeniably hot about seeing the Father of our Country’s face covered in fetish masks.

Bristols 6 Nippies, Gold $25
Not a good Secret Santa gift because, obviously, but at only twenty-five bucks, these pasties are a steal.

Sliquid Lubricant $16
Glycerine- and paraben-free, this organic lubricant is water-based, so its safe to use with condoms and toys.

Iroha Sakura Vibrator $99
This comes in the prettiest cherry blossom pink, so whoever is lucky enough to get it will be reminded of the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens in the spring! Or, you know, other pink things!



Jewelry and accessories are a good way to score major points during the holidays. Here are some of our favorite tiny, beautiful items.


Alexis Bittar x Bradley Theodore Headband $595
Whimsical and vibrantly colored, this headband makes its wearer feel more like they’re sporting a crown than anything else.

Globus Horizon Cuff Bracelet
by Lady J Jewelry $98
This delicate cuff would be gorgeous riding solo on someone’s wrist, but can also hold its own when stacked with other bracelets.

Sophie Buhai Egg Studs $325
For the minimalist in your life. You know the one. Get these for her. Or him. Just get them.

Rock & Gems Square Diamond Midi Ring and Bezel Circle Ring $875 to $1350
These rings are delicate and sparkly and if you give them to something, make sure to write something like “shine on” in the card, because, Hey! It’s the holidays. Get corny.

RetroSuperFuture Oracle Gals Sunglasses $229
It’s gonna be sunglasses season again someday. Prepare the one you love by getting them these perfect shades.

Bario Neal Marbled Resin Enamel Bracelets starting at $250
We’re really feeling the color blue this year, and these bracelets are its perfect jewelry embodiment.

Yasuko Azuma gray diamond ring (earrings and halo necklace in image at top of the page) $4000, $4300, and $2020
Understated yet luxe, Azuma’s beautiful pieces have us longing for gray diamonds. Make someone’s holiday that much brighter with these gorgeous gems.

Percebe Brass Cuff by Goose Barnacle $140
This simple cuff has an elegant strength to it that we just love. We think whoever receives it will too.

Welcome Companion Pink Glove Purse $240
The buttery soft leather on this beautiful glove-cum-coin purse is just one of the lovely features of this piece. We’re also really partial to its on-point manicure. If only we were that diligent about our nails.

Garnet and Opal Ear Climbers
by Lady J Jewelry $225
Simply put: These look like something Daenerys Targaryen would wear. They. Are. Awesome.

Catbird Alphabet Rings $96
Catbird knows its rings, and these stackables are a great opportunity to give a loved one Xs and Os or spell out your combined initials or what have you.

Moon Flower Ring $594
We love the way the fire of diamonds and opals combines on this lovely ring which looks like something that’s been passed down for generations but is actually brand new!

Boot Enamel Pin $10
Perfect for sticking on a backpack or a jacket, this pin is too cute.





Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so get ready to behold a whole lot of beauty… products.


Le Troisième Perfume bycoolife $175
Combining the scents of jasmine, citrus, cardamom, and musk, this scent evokes nothing so much as a warm day on the grassy bank of a river in some exotic locale. Or, as per the company’s website, the scent is actually an “articulation of a self-assured soul.” Either way, it smells good, we think!

Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil $82
Oil is where it’s at when it comes to skin care, and argan oil is particularly prized right now. This lightweight formula can be used on the face, body, and hair and gives the skin a beautiful glow, and smoothes out hair in a spectacular way.

Rodin Olio Lusso Face Oil $170
Basically the gold standard in face oils, Rodin’s blend of eleven botanical-derived essential oils has a cult-like following for good reason: It really smoothes and moisturizes the skin like nothing else.

Tenoverten nail polish $18
We love these polishes for their gorgeous colors and for how smoothly they glide on the nail, but also because they’re free of formaldehyde and other nasty chemicals. Another great present would be a gift certificate to one of the brand’s salons.

Fellow Barber Texture Paste $22
Whenever a men’s hair product advertises something like “medium hold, matte finish,” we take it to mean that unless we use half the jar every morning, our hair will soon lay flat across our forehead like it did when we were in the seventh grade. Not so with this life-changing (yeah, we said it) product from Fellow Barber, which keeps everything in place without making us look like an accountant.

Blue Charcoal Toothbrush $8
This toothbrush doesn’t just look awesome, the charcoal bristles have a deodorizing, bacteria-fighting effect that helps ward off plaque and other oral hazards.

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt $52
Yes, this shampoo is expensive, but we splurge on the ones we love, right? Right. It’s also incredibly cleansing, fun to use, and makes our hair light and shiny and kind of perfect.

Marvis Licorice Toothpaste $10.50
Marvis toothpaste is the luxury item we kind of can’t live without and the licorice flavor in particular gives our breath an unbeatable freshness.

Amanda Lacey Cleansing Pomade $110
This stuff is Gwyneth Paltrow-approved, so do we really need to say more? Ok, we will: It also cleans our skin like nothing else, soothing and mildly exfoliating and leaving skin feeling softer than we could have possibly ever imagined.

Herbivores Coco Rose Body Polish $36
Polish and smooth that body with this gorgeous smelling blend of coconut oil and Bulgarian rose. Feeling soft and smelling amazing are basically our only goals in life, so this product is a real winner.

GreyRose Perfume $120
Catbird says that this perfume is for “the lady who likes it spicy, mysterious, musky, sexy, decaying, rose-drenched, and a little off. This is for the alley cats, the late-night jazz records listeners, the bad girls in black.” Basically, if you don’t have someone like that in your life, go out and get one and give her this perfume.

French Girl Rose Crème Lumière Moisturizer $24
We tend to steer clear of the whole “praise be to the French gods of style for they are everything” schtick, but that doesn’t mean we don’t call out a good thing when we see it, and this gentle face cream leaves our skin dewy and soft and we pretty much love it. So will whoever you give it to.



Everyone’s so into health these days. Us too! Here’s what to get the fitness freak in your life.


VitaMix Professional 200 $529
Oh, hey: Get someone a VitaMix and change their life for the better in an instant and make sure to invite yourself over for one of the many smoothies or juices or soups or whatever that they make because it’s bound to be delicious. And good for you! Yay.

State Bedford Backpack in Orange $75
A great backpack is an essential component of riding your bike around Brooklyn, and this one is not only comfortable, it’s also brightly colored for maximum visibility.

Brass Bicycle Bell $25
Did you know New York City law says cyclists must have lights and bells on their bikes? Make sure safety comes first for the ones you love with this awesome brass bell. Ring-a-ding-ding.

The Beauty Chef Antioxidant
Inner Beauty Boost $50
This probiotic elixir is designed to make your skin look great from the inside-out. It can be added to any smoothie made in a VitaMix, so it’s a good gift to give in tandem with said power-blender.

Western Sahara Slippers from
Brother Vellies $265
After a long run or long SoulCycle class or even just a long day, there’s nothing we want more than to just lounge around. And we’d especially like to do it in these ultra soft slippers.

PurSoma Hot Tub Bath $36
Self-care is very important, and so is giving the gift of self-care. These bath salts are a perfect winter present because they’re designed to keep you healthy at the first signs of sickness, and we don’t know exactly what it is about their blend of ginger root, sea salt, and clay that wards off congestion and malaise, but it really works for us.

Gift Certificate to XTend Barre prices start at $34
Simply put, this exercise class is a wildly effective (and addictive) way to stay in shape. We’ve never left class without feeling like we’re standing two inches taller and like our muscles continue to be working all day long. Give someone else the gift of feeling great (plus having a rock hard ass) and in turn feel good about yourself.

Eperson Mountaineering Backpack $200
Totally functional and also super-fashion-forward, this is the backpack we recommend for people who are traversing Utah’s Goblin Valley, or even just heading over to get their climb on at Brooklyn Boulders.

Giro Sutton Helmet in White $80
Safety first, sure, but looks count too, and this beauty will make even the most helmet-averse cyclist feel ok about strapping on protection.

Juice Cleanse from $52
This Williamsburg juice spot mixes up some of the most delicious and healthy drinks in the borough, and if you think you know someone who might want to bring a little austerity into their diet post-holiday binge season, this is a great place to consider.

The Upside Pique Running shorts $47
A great incentive to working out is getting the right gear first. We love these shorts because, obviously, the arrow is cute, but also they’re airy and super-comfortable, thus making the awfulness inherent to running a little less awful.

crop_sacredclassGift Card to Hot Vinyasa Body Flow
There’s an abundance of classes on offer at Sacred Brooklyn, and we think pretty much anyone can benefit from either its yoga or meditation (or both) classes. So give the gift of being centered and sweaty to someone special this year.



Books are the best gifts. So give them. And other book-related things.


Diamond Cage Table Lamp $139
Without lamps, there would be no reading in bed. And reading in bed is everyone’s favorite thing to do in bed, right? Well, at least top three. We adore this table lamp from A and G Merchandise, to better assist you in all your bedtime activities, including reading, of course.

Whale Bookends $89
Herman Melville would approve.

I Must Be Living Twice by Eileen Myles
Word Bookstore
126 Franklin Street, Greenpoint

This newly released collection of Myles’s poems includes some of her classics as well as new works. It’s a wonderful place to start for those uninitiated in her work, and you’d be doing a wonderful thing by initiating the Myles novice.

Chelsea Girls by Eileen Myles
Word Bookstore
126 Franklin Street, Greenpoint

And as long as you’re getting I Must Be Living Twice for someone, how about also springing for the reissued Chelsea Girls? This beloved autobiographical novel is the ultimate coming-of-age story, and a must-read for anyone interested in New York in the 70s. So, literally everyone these days.

If the Raindrops United by Judah Friedlander
Word Bookstore
126 Franklin Street, Greenpoint

Funny and political, absurdist and astute, Friedlander (comedian and actor in 30 Rock and American Splendor) offers a witty and wonderful look into his wild mind with this book of illustrations and cartoons.

The New World by Chris Adrian
and Eli Horowitz

Word Bookstore
126 Franklin Street, Greenpoint

This challenging collaborative novel explores topics like love and marriage and does so in a compelling, imaginative way that is like nothing we’ve ever read before.

The Book of Aron by Jim Shepard
Word Bookstore
126 Franklin Street, Greenpoint

We know, we know: It’s possible that a book centering around the Holocaust is not one that necessarily screams “holiday gift!” to most people. But Shepard’s novel is one of the most compelling and moving things we’ve read all year, and thus is perfect for any lover of smart, good things.

Censorship Now by Ian Svevonius
Word Bookstore
126 Franklin Street, Greenpoint

Not that a book should ever be given based on its cover, but also: Isn’t this a great cover? The insides are pretty damned great too, and this collection of Svevonius essays is sure to entertain and provoke anyone who sits down with it.

Slaughterhouse 90210 by Maris Kreizman
Word Bookstore
126 Franklin Street, Greenpoint

Know anyone who loves TV and great books? Us too! That’s why we’ve stocked up on Kreizman’s brilliant hardcover version of her wonderful Tumblr of the same name, because we like to make people happy. And this book? Will do the job nicely.

Slade House by David Mitchell
Word Bookstore
126 Franklin Street, Greenpoint

A truly unique, twisting take on the haunted house story, David Mitchell’s latest novel is sure to captivate anyone who falls into its eerie, Shirley Jackson-esque clutches.

Fortune Smiles by Adam Johnson
Word Bookstore
126 Franklin Street, Greenpoint

This collection of stories from Pulitzer Prize-winning Johnson deal with the usual things: love, loss, disaster, and so on, but Johnson is so deft and masterful in how he handles these well-trod topics that we were left in awe of him and in need of passing this book on to whomever we could.

Thirteen Ways of Looking by Colum McCann
Word Bookstore
126 Franklin Street, Greenpoint

McCann’s latest was one of our recommended picks in October, and we still marvel at how he was able in this book to so aptly tell “four stories [which] contain moments that range from haunting and tragic to exuberant and life-affirming—often all in the same story.”

The Moon Is Going to Addy’s House
by Ida Pearle

Word Bookstore
126 Franklin Street, Greenpoint

This whimsical beautiful children’s book would be the perfect selection for any child you’ve ever heard wonder why the moon follows them home.

Read Me Books Onesie
Word Bookstore

We only wish we were still young enough to be read to. We guess that’s why there’s audiobooks.

Subscription to Slice Magazine, prices start at $18
Slice is a consistently bright spot in the Brooklyn literary magazine scene, and is renowned for publishing emerging authors side-by-side with well-established ones, thus making it the perfect gift for anyone who wants to feel like they’re on the cutting edge of the lit scene, while also having assurance that they’re consuming only the highest quality material.

Melville House Novella Subscription, prices start at $6.99/month
This subscription comes in either digital or print-format and entitles subscribers to one (or both) of two titles offered by the indie publisher each month. We’re big fans of the novella, and love the aesthetics of the versions offered by Melville House. Plus, Svevo’s The Nice Old Man and the Pretty Girl and Turgenev’s First Love are just about perfect examples of the form, we think.

The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson
Nelson doesn’t just have fans, she has devoted followers, and it’s little wonder why once you read The Argonauts (or, you know, Bluets or anything she’s written), an incredible meditation on desire and love, identity and family.



Stocking stuffers, Secret Santa gifts… however you want to categorize these things, just know that even though they might be small in size, their impact will be big. (They’re all just really cool gifts.)


Earth Tu Face Coconut Body Butter $42
The addition of cardamom makes this coconut body butter smell totally out of this world.

Daruma Wish Doll $8
This cute little doll is not just a cute little doll; it is a way of realizing your personal goals. No, really! Once received, you’re supposed to think of a goal or intention and fill in one of the eyes. When you’ve achieved that goal or intention, you fill in the other. It’s just that simple? It is. It is!

Lovers Tarot Pouch $20
This is the perfect thing to carry around make-up or loose change or, like, your tarot card deck from college that you’ve been wanting to take out and use again to impress your coworkers.

Incense Holder and Incense from $12
We love incense, and this perfect little holder makes it even more fun to use than it already is. Which is fun, because who doesn’t like smoky things that smell good?

Animal Playing Cards $19
These cards are so amazing and would be the perfect office Secret Santa present for someone because you can assign an animal to each person you work with and it’s so fun because, really, everyone looks like an animal in clothes when it comes down to it. You’ll see!

Benefit Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm $18
The lip balm version of the universally flattering Benetint is so amazing: hydrating and capable of giving your lips the perfect, just kissed glow.

Wilde Stone Notebook by Ogami $14
This little notebook will have its user abandon the crappy Notes app on their iPhone in no time at all—with absolutely no regrets.

Essential Oils $15
Different essential oils are good for all sorts of things: They soothe headaches, help with insomnia, work as hair treatments. The list goes on and on. Stock up for someone you love.

Kita Boshi Red Checking Pencils $1
These red pencils are perfect for the editor in your life, by which we mean someone who is a literal editor and routinely marks up pages of text with inscrutable-to-the-outsider red marks. But also, these are just great for anyone who might need a little joy in their life; writing in red is fun.

Paper Placemats $17
These festive placemats (made out of 100 percent recycled material and recyclable themselves) are the perfect hostess gift this season, and isn’t that always one of the most difficult gifts to figure out, leaving most guests clutching a bottle of wine at the threshold of a party? Well, yes. Now you can bring these placemats. And wine. Because wine is still a good thing.

8 Ball Zines Tote $8
Sure, tote bags are ubiquitous, but this 8 Ball tote is a handsome addition to anyone’s collection. Plus, it can be filled with zines for an especially good gift for a friend.



Ok, sure, everyone’s been really into Marie Kondo-izing their homes this year, getting rid of all the excess clutter they’ve hoarded throughout the time they’ve spent in their tiny rentals. But once they’ve gotten rid of all their stuff, they’re going to need help refilling their space with things that bring them joy. That’s where this list comes in handy. Help bring them joy. ‘Tis the season.


Gropius Mobile $95
Not just for hanging over a baby’s crib anymore, mobiles have become one of the quickest ways to add statement art to a space. We’re particularly partial to this modernist version, named after architect Walter Gropius, it comes in a muted color palette that will look great in just about any home. And, hell, use it over a baby’s crib. You do you.

Artist Edition Pillow from Eyebodega $89
Help someone put some art on their couch with these artist edition pillows from Aelfie. The home goods company collaborated with ten different artist’s to make these pillows, each of which come in a limited edition run of 20. The one on the right is by design studio Eyebodega, and we’re also partial to the creation of Brooklyn artists B. Thom Stevenson and Gwendal Lebec.

Big City Corkboard from $40
This map hearkens back to a time before we were all used to seeing the city’s streets spread out before us on a tiny little screen. Best part is that while it can just be used as a traditional cork board, with notes pinned all over it (each map comes with 50 red push pins), you can also use it to literally pinpoint all the spots you want to hit up on the coming weekend.

Diorama Lamp $65
Made in the Brooklyn studio of wonderful Williamsburg home goods store Small Home, each of these diorama lamps are one-of-a-kind and employ illustrated backgrounds from vintage children’s books and nature books. You can choose what animal you’d like, but, obviously, choose a wolf. Or a goat. or a dragon? We don’t know!

Tipsy Writer in Coral $35
We don’t know about you but we are always losing our pens, and it’s super annoying. Give the gift of “not losing your pen” to someone this year, with this pen stand that’s also really fun to play with because you can keep knocking your pen over and it will pop right back up. Like magic. Or, you know, like physics.

Black Walnut Serving Trays with Brass Edges from $200
These serving trays are works of art; the walnut is smooth as silk and would beautifully set off whatever is placed upon it, and the brass edges have just the right amount of sheen.

Speckled Pour Over and Mug Set from $58
This pour-over coffee set is the perfect present for the caffeine-addict in your life. It’s ultra-easy to use and great to have at the office. Plus, the mug is so distinctive that if anyone tries to swipe yours, you’ll be able to get it right back from the sociopathic thief, because only you have such a kick-ass mug.

Tanline Pot $65
This pot can be used for anything: small plants, loose change, keys, makeup brushes. But also: This pot stands alone. Obviously. Just look at it. Why wouldn’t you want to give this to someone so that they could have a constant reminder of vacation and the beach and nipples?

A-Frame Mirror in Ebony and Greens $425
Square mirrors are for squares. Get the design-lover in your life this beautiful triangular mirror with a shape inspired by Danish folk design, and with the perfect little ledge upon which one can put tiny, beautiful things.

Coil Stool in Aqua $279
If there’s one thing every home needs, it’s more seating. This coil stool is a great solution to the problem of people feeling forced to sit on the floor. Its wave-like seat is genuinely comfortable and its vibrant color is surprisingly versatile, no matter the predominant home aesthetic.

Beginning Weaving Class
Weaving Class $250
70s-style wall-hangings would be a great gift for anyone this holiday season, but wouldn’t it be even better to give someone the gift of… making their own wall hanging? Why, yes. Yes, it would. Because that way, not only do they get a kick-ass piece of home decor, they also get a fun experience and the pride of knowing that they made something beautiful themselves.

Eskayel Indigo Ikat Bed Set $1800
This ultra-luxe and gorgeous bed set is made with the finest in sustainable textiles and is made in collaboration with Threads of Life, a fair trade business which works with with over a thousand Indonesian women, helping them form independent cooperatives and support themselves in a sustainable manner.

Fleet Candlestick Set $70
This modern take on the candlestick is simple and beautiful and would make the perfect addition to any table—dinner, bedside, coffee, you name it.



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