All the Pretty Things: The 2015 Holiday Gift Guide


Ok, sure, everyone’s been really into Marie Kondo-izing their homes this year, getting rid of all the excess clutter they’ve hoarded throughout the time they’ve spent in their tiny rentals. But once they’ve gotten rid of all their stuff, they’re going to need help refilling their space with things that bring them joy. That’s where this list comes in handy. Help bring them joy. ‘Tis the season.


Gropius Mobile $95
Not just for hanging over a baby’s crib anymore, mobiles have become one of the quickest ways to add statement art to a space. We’re particularly partial to this modernist version, named after architect Walter Gropius, it comes in a muted color palette that will look great in just about any home. And, hell, use it over a baby’s crib. You do you.

Artist Edition Pillow from Eyebodega $89
Help someone put some art on their couch with these artist edition pillows from Aelfie. The home goods company collaborated with ten different artist’s to make these pillows, each of which come in a limited edition run of 20. The one on the right is by design studio Eyebodega, and we’re also partial to the creation of Brooklyn artists B. Thom Stevenson and Gwendal Lebec.

Big City Corkboard from $40
This map hearkens back to a time before we were all used to seeing the city’s streets spread out before us on a tiny little screen. Best part is that while it can just be used as a traditional cork board, with notes pinned all over it (each map comes with 50 red push pins), you can also use it to literally pinpoint all the spots you want to hit up on the coming weekend.

Diorama Lamp $65
Made in the Brooklyn studio of wonderful Williamsburg home goods store Small Home, each of these diorama lamps are one-of-a-kind and employ illustrated backgrounds from vintage children’s books and nature books. You can choose what animal you’d like, but, obviously, choose a wolf. Or a goat. or a dragon? We don’t know!

Tipsy Writer in Coral $35
We don’t know about you but we are always losing our pens, and it’s super annoying. Give the gift of “not losing your pen” to someone this year, with this pen stand that’s also really fun to play with because you can keep knocking your pen over and it will pop right back up. Like magic. Or, you know, like physics.

Black Walnut Serving Trays with Brass Edges from $200
These serving trays are works of art; the walnut is smooth as silk and would beautifully set off whatever is placed upon it, and the brass edges have just the right amount of sheen.

Speckled Pour Over and Mug Set from $58
This pour-over coffee set is the perfect present for the caffeine-addict in your life. It’s ultra-easy to use and great to have at the office. Plus, the mug is so distinctive that if anyone tries to swipe yours, you’ll be able to get it right back from the sociopathic thief, because only you have such a kick-ass mug.

Tanline Pot $65
This pot can be used for anything: small plants, loose change, keys, makeup brushes. But also: This pot stands alone. Obviously. Just look at it. Why wouldn’t you want to give this to someone so that they could have a constant reminder of vacation and the beach and nipples?

A-Frame Mirror in Ebony and Greens $425
Square mirrors are for squares. Get the design-lover in your life this beautiful triangular mirror with a shape inspired by Danish folk design, and with the perfect little ledge upon which one can put tiny, beautiful things.

Coil Stool in Aqua $279
If there’s one thing every home needs, it’s more seating. This coil stool is a great solution to the problem of people feeling forced to sit on the floor. Its wave-like seat is genuinely comfortable and its vibrant color is surprisingly versatile, no matter the predominant home aesthetic.

Beginning Weaving Class
Weaving Class $250
70s-style wall-hangings would be a great gift for anyone this holiday season, but wouldn’t it be even better to give someone the gift of… making their own wall hanging? Why, yes. Yes, it would. Because that way, not only do they get a kick-ass piece of home decor, they also get a fun experience and the pride of knowing that they made something beautiful themselves.

Eskayel Indigo Ikat Bed Set $1800
This ultra-luxe and gorgeous bed set is made with the finest in sustainable textiles and is made in collaboration with Threads of Life, a fair trade business which works with with over a thousand Indonesian women, helping them form independent cooperatives and support themselves in a sustainable manner.

Fleet Candlestick Set $70
This modern take on the candlestick is simple and beautiful and would make the perfect addition to any table—dinner, bedside, coffee, you name it.



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