Going Abroad: Expanding Your Business Into New Markets

On Tuesday, November 17, we’re partnering with our Dutch startup cohorts (who are in town for The Next Web Conference USA) to talk about expanding your business abroad. We’ll also be celebrating our own expansion abroad as we look forward to Northside Amsterdam 2016, Northside’s new sister festival that will take place next September.

The Netherlands is a founding country partner of the Northside Festival; an impressive number of Dutch startup founders and artists from a wide array of disciplines have participated in the Northside Festival in the last two years. They’ve consistently added an abundance of knowledge and talent to the table (stemming from a solid base of incubators, accelerators, and universities).

The Netherlands has a fast-changing, dynamic economy that presents opportunities to entrepreneurs, innovators, and great minds thinking on an international scale. Dutch startups such as Booking.com, Adyen, and Shapeways are changing the way we travel, pay, and build homes. And this isn’t just a recent occurrence; Dutch historical contributions to innovation—from compact discs to Wi-Fi—have consistently made the Netherlands a hotbed for entrepreneurship and creative advancement.

Tuesday’s event will kick off with a discussion by panelists Ad Arreman (VP Sales at Adyen), Robert Jan de Laive (Head of Global Business Development at The Next Web), Sutian Dong (Partner at FirstMark Capital), Sophie Kleber (Executive Director, Product & Innovation at Huge), and Eric Ottaway (CEO of Brooklyn Brewery) on expanding a business into new markets.

Then, attendees will hear a series of 2-minute pitches by startups from the Netherlands:

Maarten Reijgersberg (Social Media Signage)
Roel Jansen (USABILLA)
Sander Schouten (Beyond Sports)
Yigal Roos (BrandBox)
Aviram Shiboni (Multisense)
Kasper Luursema (GroupClip)
Hanneke Stegweg (ILOST)

The evening will conclude with beer, BBQ, and a chance to mingle with some of the Netherlands’ top startups and innovation influencers.

This post is sponsored by The Netherlands, a world-class European hub for startup innovation and the birthplace of the Compact Disc, DVD, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. 


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