Hear Rising Pennsylvania Rapper Tunji Ige’s “On My Grind”

Tunji Ige On My Grind

Tunji Ige is still a college student, but last December he put out one of the year’s most promising rap releases, The Love Project, and has continued to pick up speed in 2015. Not only is Ige capable of rapping, singing and performing well live (I caught one of his enthusiastic sets at this year’s SXSW), but he’s a phenomenal producer as well. Complex premiered his new track “On My Grind,” which is a joint production effort from him and Noah Breakfast. While the song is a flex about working toward your dreams, the muse name-checked on the hook is clearly romantic: “Got a little angel that I can’t forget.” Something I love about his production style is the way these really soft, whispery female vocal samples bleed into clattering trap beats that have become ubiquitous. It’s a way to update the current sound, and push it forward toward something entirely new. Speaking of which, another project from Ige is slated for release early next year. For now, listen to “On My Grind” below.


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